Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan? 

This is the question asked by the Daily Prompt today. Oh how I wish this was true. One day when I win the lottery I am going to own that plot of land and live the rest of my life in peace and happiness. Where would that plot of land be you ask? Ah, somewhere quiet, where all I hear is nature.

I’d have a house built that would blend in the surroundings. Something like this perhaps…….


I would need a studio/office with lots of light for my writing and painting. I would love something like this maybe built in a tree behind the house. It would be different, with lots of light and with privacy so I could work in peace.


Then of course I would want a garden like I’ve always dreamed of. A place where I could sit and dream for a while. To watch the birds and the butterflies swoop and glide…………


Where tired friends could come and revitalize themselves in Mother Nature’s glory……………


A place where Sam(my dog) and I could go for a walk and watch the dappled shadows from the sun overhead peeping through the trees……………..




This is my plan if I had that plot of Earth and the resources to make it come true.



17 responses

  1. Each and every inspirational picture is something I too would love to have. I hope you find your piece of land one day.


    1. Thank you so do I. :-)


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  3. I totally agree with the tree house !


    1. Thanks! I love that tree house.


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  5. Beautiful pictures. Sounds perfect!


    1. Yes it does. My piece of heaven. :-)


  6. You have verbalized my dreams too! The photos are stunning


    1. thank you


  7. […] Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth (jlroeder.wordpress.com) […]


  8. […] Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth (jlroeder.wordpress.com) […]


  9. Well, I’m moving in if you don’t. Sounds perfect. :) Love the pond and garden shed.


    1. Well you can come visit, how’s that? :-) Yeah I love the pond and garden too. Ah, dreams.


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