NaPoWriMo Day 16 Poem ~~ Lies?


I am a tall, lanky woman, hair of deep blue
Eyes that sparkle purple, skin a reddish hue

My smile is quite scary, teeth made of wooden rounds
Fingernails long and sharp, arms that hang to the ground

Legs like strong oak trees, hair growing lush and long
Body that defies description, so muscular and strong

A round firm butt, that sticks out to there
Small and perky breasts, I even have an extra pair

A brain that is as small as a pea
All this fits me to a T!



This poem is brought to you by the NaPoWriMo’s website’s prompt for today. We were to write a 10 line poem, where each line is a lie.

I’m also doing this poem for The Daily Post’s Weekly writing challenge, which is to write a poem.

Hope you enjoy!



11 responses

  1. OMG, you mean all that is a lie? So much for my picture of you. What a web you have weaved Jackie, nicely done.


    1. Well it’s suppose to be lies, but one never knows Michael. could be the lies are lies? ;-)


  2. Very cool, Jackie. I like how you aptly described the abstract painting, even the angles we couldn’t see!


    1. Thank you Brigitte!


  3. Still smiling. Loved this verse, lies or not!


    1. thanks tiny! Aren’t I purty?? haha.


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  5. Works well to compliment Picasso.


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