Who Am I Today?

As I watch myself in the mirror, combing my hair, I look into my eyes and ask the question I ask every day. Who am I today?

Am I the humorist? The one that makes you smile, to laugh, to see the humor in what I write?

Am I the Dreamer today? The one who takes you to places far away. Or, to places that are make believe, to worlds of a different color.

Or, am I serious? Writing about things that make you think, to ponder, to ask or answer questions.

Am I the family historian? The one that chronicles the family of long ago. To write of individuals in the family that are interesting, that have done deeds worth writing about.

Am I the lost soul? The one who wonders where and what I am doing. The one with pain so deep they can only put it out there in writing.

Or am I none of these? Just a writer of words, a dreamer of dreams. A person who asks the age-old question.

What the heck am I going to write today!!!????

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