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Welcome to Mi Vida Loca

My crazy life. Yeah I have one that’s for sure. Something strange or weird is always happening around me. It’s always been that way. A very good friend once suggested I write a book about my crazy life.  I’ve thought about it too. Not sure if it would be under fiction or non-fiction though. It’s sometimes just that bizarre.

And secondary characters? Oh yeah, I’ve got ’em by the truck load. Hell, I could write a book about them alone! Ever since I was born I’ve had these strange people and even stranger happenings in my life. For instance, when I was about 10, we had a neighbor across the street who enjoyed retrieving his morning newspaper in the nude. Now it might not have been so bad, but this particular guy weighed in around 350 pounds. At 5 foot 8 that’s not the ideal weight to be walking around nude, if you know what I mean.

Newspaper colour
Newspaper colour (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

Every morning when I left for school. There he was, bending over to pick up his paper. I’m surprised I survived the trauma. Wait a minute! Maybe that’s why I shudder at cracks!! Leave for school at a different time you say?? Oh I tried that one, many times. It finally came to me, even in my young 10-year-old mind, that he was lying in wait. Since he lived directly across from us that was easy to do.  He was also married, had 5 kids, and went to  church every Sunday.

He once bought this little bitty sports car, it was a red 2 door model, and did I mention it was really small? Watching him get into that small car was a sight to see. The whole neighborhood talked about that one! My dad once asked my mom, “How does he drive that thing? When he’s in it like a sardine in a can?”

Half a block down the street was one of those big old Catholic churches. During the week it was a school run by the nuns.  Weekends it was a place of worship. I didn’t go to that school, I went to the public school. But, as a curious child, it was a fascinating place to watch, and to fantasize about. It was really old, with all the fancy architectural do-dads going on. Made for great imagination fodder for young minds.

place of worship
place of worship (Photo credit: paloetic)

The kids across the street went to the Catholic school. They would dress  up in their black skirts/pants and white blouses/shirts, with their white socks and black patent leather shoes. They went to  school at that old church year round. I always felt a bit sorry for them.  While I sat on my front porch in the summer mornings, they went to school.

From my front porch I could watch the kids and the nuns at recess time. Sometimes it was funny to watch the nuns play basketball in their long black robes and big clunky shoes. There was one nun though that was pretty darn good at it!

Then there was Mrs. Holden. She lived behind us across the ally. She always wore long dresses and a scarf on her head, like you see pictures of in some European countries. My sister and I met her when we were playing one afternoon. She called out to us and asked us if we would like some plums. She had a big old plum tree in her back yard, and that day she was picking them. Being kids we of course said yes!

Mrs. Holden and her husband always had big loud fights. They would yell at each other in the back yard, in their house, in their front yard. I never heard them just talk to each other. They always yelled. One day the Mr. just  disappeared! The kids in the neighborhood always thought she killed him off and buried him in her basement.

That’s just a tiny segment of my life. Lot’s of interesting characters. I have many more yet to come. Not to mention the paranormal ones too! Oh yeah! Welcome to Mi Vida Loca!