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Sounds That Move Me

The weekly Daily Press challenge is to write about sounds. What sounds are your favorite.       What sounds  stir you. What memories do these sounds conjure up. I had  to really sit and think about this. Sounds are usually taken for granted. Sounds of the city, the country, the weather. There are all sorts of sounds coming from every direction.



Sometimes I have to concentrate to listen to my favorite sounds. Like the birds outside chirping and singing. Those are one of my favorite sounds. To me it’s very relaxing. Or it can be very lively and uplifting. I remember when I was living in Texas, every morning I had a male mockingbird sit right outside my bedroom window. He would go through his whole repertoire of songs for  me each morning. I just loved it.




Then there is the Thunderstorm! Ah, it has got to be one of my top 2 sounds. I love a good thunderstorm. From the beginning rumbles from far away. The rain gently beating a tattoo on the roof. The wind whipping the rain against the windows. And the smell, it was like my little piece  of the world was washed clean. The smell of wet earth, wet wood, of fresh green grass. A few bright flashes of lightning. Then the sharp clap of thunder right over the house! The feeling of excitement as it rumbled on for what seemed like forever. Then the silence as it ended, deep and dark.



My most favorite sound has got to be when I walk through the forest. The breeze playing through the leaves in the trees, as they talk to each other gently. The sound of crickets and grasshoppers as their back legs rub out a tune. The birds chirping and singing a song of beauty and peace. The bees buzzing as they fly past me heading to some unknown flower.


The leaves underfoot rustling with a dusty sound as my feet shuffle down a barely seen path.  The air fresh and new. The smell of grass and sunshine  floating gently, surrounding me  in a fragrance that call their own. With a hawk’s cry overhead, piercing in its intensity. Letting all who hear it know that it’s on the hunt for  some small furry creature. The loud “CAW, CAW, CAW!” of a crow or black bird as it sits in a nearby tree watching my every step.

As I walk I hear the stream, water rushing over gleaming wet rocks. The sound of small waves hitting the shoreline. Rushing in and out. I can almost hear the coldness of the water as it splashes down its watery way. It greets me like a long lost friend, gurgling it’s hello! This to me is peace,  love and  the hope that my world will be all right. For me, these sounds are home, security and where I will always want to be.


Bird - Blue Jay
Bird – Blue Jay (Photo credit: blmiers2)





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