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The What If’s of Life

Have you ever played the “what if’s”. You know,  someone asks you what if questions, and you try to answer them. They can be humorous, serious or just strange. A friend and I used to play the game when I was younger.  We would both come up with 10 “what if” questions and we had a day to answer them.



Question Mark Graffiti
Question Mark Graffiti (Photo credit: Bilal Kamoon)


We would write them down on a piece  of paper or later on in an email and have a fun time answering them. It was also a way to get to know each other even better. It was a fun game, a thought-provoking game. So I decided I would like to play the game with you my dear readers. Now I know 10 questions would probably be too many to answer. So instead I’m going to change the rules just a little. I will post below 10 “What If” questions. You answer just one. Any one you wish. Write your answer in the comment box. You can also come up with a What If question to ask me!


1. What if…… could be invisible for one day? What would you do?


2. What if…….you could live anywhere. Where would you live and why?


3. What if… could travel back in time, where would you go?


4. What if…. you were at home at night alone and you heard a noise in your flat/house that seemed to be footsteps? Would you stay calm or would you panic?


5. What if…… you could be famous (a household name), what would you like to be famous for?


6. What if…… only one book existed (a true nightmare!), which book would you like it to be?


7. What if……. you could change one thing that you did that was bad, perhaps a crime or some wrong you did to another person, what would it be?


8. What if… were given a choice to live as long as you want, how long would you like to live?


9. What if… were down on your luck, would you seek the advice of a palm reader?


10. What if……you received lottery tickets as a gift at the office party, and you won $30,000.00, would you share the winnings with the person that gave you the gift?


There you have it. Answer just one question! I’m would love for you to play along. 🙂




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