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I Am a List Addict

Yes, I freely admit it. I am a list addict. I make up all sorts of lists. Grocery lists, lists of interesting websites, lists of books I want to read, lists for gifts, even lists of lists! I just love lists. They help me remember things. I’m not really forgetful, it’s just that I usually have so much going through my mind that if I don’t write a lot of things down they get lost in transition.

list book 5
list book 5 (Photo credit: Amy T Schubert)

I have a stack of notes under my computer screen, those are my lists. I go through them every now and then and cross  things off, or add things on. Right at this moment I have six pieces of paper with some kind of list on them! Six! Sometimes its more, sometimes its less. But, I can guarantee you there is always some kind of list in my pile, at all times.

I don’t believe my addiction is a “bad” addiction. It’s not like I make lists just for the sake of making them. They are useful to me. I need them to get things done, or bought, or emailed, or….well you get the idea.

Then I began thinking of other lists I could do, not just grocery lists or Christmas card list. But life lists. As I grow older my thoughts turn to past events, or people who have meant so much to me. I don’t have children to pass down my thoughts and lessons I’ve learned in life. But if I make a list of things maybe one day it will be helpful in a nieces, or nephews life. Maybe in some small way with my lists I can make a difference in someone’s life or in their life choices

Reading list
Reading list (Photo credit: jakebouma)


Then again, maybe it’s just another excuse to make a new list! I want to think I have a higher goal in mind. So with that, here is my list of lists. They are always going to be changing. After all I’m not done with my life and new adventures.

1.) 10 best friends I ever had……I never had a lot of friends at one time. The ones I do (or did) have I consider life long friends. Maybe it’s time to remember those friends and if I can find them again tell them Thank You for being there when I needed them.

2.) 5 best books/movies/TV series in my lifetime……This one may not be as simple as I think. I have read lots of great books. There are many really good movies. As for TV series, I don’t watch much TV so that one might be harder.

3.) 10 people who most helped me in my life…..I’ve met any number of people. Some I was glad to leave. Others I was sorry to leave. There are some who knowingly or not have helped me through this journey of life so far. This one is easy to predict that the list will either change or grow longer.

4.) 5 best things I’ve ever made…….I’ve always been “crafty”, so I think I could come up with a pretty good list for this one. Of course later on down the road I want to be able to add “novel” to this list!

5.) 10 most memorable places I visited……I’m thinking this list does not have to be elaborate. It can be a neighbors living room. Or another state or country. This list will be pretty flexible.

6.) 5 best days in my life…..Now this list might not be as easy as I hope. If I had kids, sure that would definitely be a day for the books. Think I will really have to ponder on this one.

7.) 10 things that gave me most pleasure……Oh now, this could get interesting! (snicker)

8.) 5 best gifts anyone ever gave me……I haven’t had many tangible gifts given to me. So this one should include the intangible also.

9.) 5 best posts on my blogs……..I think I snuck this one in just because I wanted to pat myself on the back! 🙂 Now this one will most definitely change with time, because I plan to keep getting better.

10.) 10 Things I wish I had done but didn’t……..we all have some regrets. I’m hoping it takes me a long time to think of 10 things for this list. I have a feeling it might not.

Those are my 10 lists of lists. What do you think? Have any ideas on a list? I would love to hear them! Maybe you would like to make these lists for yourself, please do! Let me know when you get them done!


6 thoughts on “I Am a List Addict

  1. When I am frustrated with how things may be going I can always refer to a list I made a few years ago of all the things I’ve done in my life that people told me I’d never be able to do.


  2. I think it’s nice to be reminded about the value of lists. There’s something hopeful and optimistic about them. I like the list of things that give you pleasure or make you happy…and best days of your life! It’s a good way to remember and look forward at the same time!


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