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The Cabin in the Woods

I needed to go someplace completely different. Online I found this beautiful cabin deep in the woods of Alaska. It was summer time there, so not too cold. The place looked perfect! Alaska! Still wild even in these modern times.  I wanted a place of solitude. Someplace that I could sit and write all day without interruptions. I was writing the next great novel, well I hoped I was. I had given myself a year to write it, and that year was half over with. I needed to get away and just write!


From the pictures the place was wild and beautiful. And it had internet connections, so I could keep in touch with my editor and let her know the progress of  the book. It wasn’t too far away from a small town with a grocer. So provisions were accounted for.  It sounded perfect. I called the owner to set the date and paid by credit card for the first month. Since I planned on staying for at least three months he gave me a discount. I was set! I packed my suitcase, grabbed my laptop and cell phone and hailed a taxi to the airport. Off I went!


The flight was uneventful and as the plane got closer to Anchorage International Airport the view from my window was breathtaking. We landed and I grabbed my suitcase and started to look for the man who would drive me  to the cabin.  I had no idea what the man looked like so was hoping he had a sign or something. I noticed this tall, good-looking man dressed in jeans, boots and leather jacket. He pretty much stood out from the crowd. He actually looked like he should be in Texas, not Alaska. Then I spotted an old man in a plaid shirt, figured he must be my ride. I started walking over to him  when the good-looking guy in jeans intercepts me.


“You the writer?” he asks.


“Um, yeah that would be me,” I mumbled, stepping back.


I looked way up to meet his gaze. He had to have been at least 6 foot 4 or 5. Of course compared to my 5 foot 2 frame everyone is pretty much taller than me. He grabbed my suitcase and started walking off. Hurrying I run after my suitcase. He might have looked like he stepped out of a GQ magazine but his manners left something to be desired. Out of breath I finally catch up as he dumps my suitcase in a jeep. Huffing a bit I take a quick look around and first thing I noticed is how cool it was. The weather I mean. Not cold but definitely cool. So this is Alaska in the summer? Good thing I won’t be here in the winter!


“You done sightseeing?” a rough voice asks me. I glance over to where Mr GQ is holding the passenger door open. I”m just about to open my mouth and give him a few choice words when he interrupts with, “We need to get going before it gets too late”.


I close my mouth and slide into the passenger seat. He closes the door a bit forcefully and walks  around the front of the jeep. Geesh, I wonder what his problem is. Is he just surly hired help? I knew he wasn’t the voice on the phone who I talked to. That voice was older and a whole lot nicer. Without another word he puts the jeep in gear and drives north out of town. “Doesn’t it stay daylight here for most of the day in summer?” I ask.


“It does. But some people have actual work to do yet.” he almost sneers.


“So are you always this nasty? Or is it just with me?” I ask of him. “It’s not like I asked you to pick me up at the airport. I thought Mr. Douglas was going to.”


I saw him glance at me with what looked like surprise. Not that I was looking at him! But from the corner of my eye I saw him glance over. I was tired of the attitude, hell I was just tired, and I didn’t need  bad mood hired help curling his lip at me. I had a good mind to talk to Mr. Douglas about it. But I guess when you are out in the middle of wilderness you can’t always get the best help. Still he should know how this man acts around paying customers. Hopefully it will be the last I see of Mr GQ once he takes me to the cabin.


“Dad had something come up so he asked me to do it.”


Dad?! He is nice Mr. Douglas’ son?? Still didn’t excuse him from being so testy. In fact it was worse, in my estimation. Sighing,  I just let it go. My mind was more on the terrific scenery we had been passing for the last hour. It was simply breathtaking. Every once in a while I would glimpse a cabin or house in a clearing. Otherwise it was just majestic trees for as far as I could see. I turned my body as far as my seat belt would let me when I thought I glimpsed a herd of caribou. I had heard it said that Caribou outnumbered people in Alaska. We were traveling too fast to get a good look at the herd. But it was still breathtaking. Forgetting for the instance Mr GQ’s testiness I told him  how beautiful I thought everything looked.


“Yeah, just wait,” he sneered. “When you can’t sleep for days because it’s always light. When the solitude makes you crazy. When the wild animals look into the windows and scare you half to death. We’ll see how beautiful you think it is.”


“Are you always this pleasant to people? If you don’t like it here you can always move ya know.” I stated.


“You don’t know anything Ms. Reynolds. So kindly keep your opinions to yourself.” He grated. The jeep shot forward even faster. Guess he couldn’t wait to get rid of his passenger. God knows I couldn’t wait to get rid of him! So, I just sat there watching the trees fly by. I wasn’t going to give him the chance to rip my head off again. Once he dropped me off at my cabin he could go his testy way! Mr. Douglas, the old Mr Douglas had promised me use of a jeep during my stay. Even though it was summer the roads could get a bit rough he said. I would need it to get to the small town and stock up on groceries. Or if I wanted to do any sightseeing. Part of renting the cabin he said.


I kept quiet for the next half hour. We took a turn off the main road and onto a dirt path that led into a strand of pines. It was pretty rough going and Mr GQ made sure to hit every hole in the road, I swear! My butt was sore, along with my temper by the time we pulled in front of the cabin. I could definitely  understand why I would need that jeep. Bless old Mr Douglas for his kindness. The cabin was quite a distance from the main road. Neither one of us spoke as he pulled my suitcase out of the back and unlocked the cabin door. I hurried inside after him and stood looking around. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It had a full kitchen and it looked like the bedroom was upstairs. I could see a loft. I decided I was getting a good deal. It would be perfect!

Alaska (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I set my laptop and purse on the kitchen table and wonder what happened to the grouch. He disappeared out the back door after lugging my suitcase upstairs. I shake my head, wondering how a good-looking guy like him had a personality of a prickly pear cactus. I look out the living room window and find myself looking at pure wilderness, rugged and beautiful. I hear a crash behind me and turn around just to get an eyeful of a well-defined butt as young Mr Douglas was bending over to pick up a log that had fallen off the pile he just brought it. I feel my cheeks warm with a blush just as he stands up and faces me. Damn, being a redhead sometimes sucks. Good thing the light was behind me. Hopefully he didn’t seem to notice my rosy face.


“You’ll need these logs come evening. It still gets pretty chilly at night. You’ll want the fireplace going.” he states. “I’m going to take the jeep back home. In the morning Dad and I will drop off the jeep you’ll be using for your short stay.”


I noticed the slight emphasis on ‘short’, but choose to ignore it. I was tired and just wanted some time alone to settle in my new home for the next several months. Because despite his sureness that my stay will be short. I was here for the long haul. Not only could I feel the great vibe of the house and surroundings. I just knew that this day was the start of a whole new adventure in my life. As he left the cabin key on the table on his way out the front door, he cautioned me not to stray to far from the cabin tonight. He stated it was easy for a tenderfoot to get lost. I assured him I wouldn’t leave the cabin till I was more settled. He closed the door with a solid thud, and I heard the jeep’s tires as he left me alone at last.


Sighing I turned around and viewed my new home. Smiling, I brushed the rudeness of a man I hardly knew out of my mind and felt the long-lost stirrings of enthusiasm begin anew. This cabin in the woods was just what I needed!