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I’m Working on It

Ugh! I do have a story I am working on right now, but I don’t think it’s going to be done for a posting today. Hopefully tomorrow. I have promised myself that I would post something everyday this month! And I’m not breaking that promise!! I guess it would be cheating if I re-post something from a previous post huh? 😉

Okay, okay, something short and sweet! (like me!) haha!

My Dad died about 8 years ago. But there was always one thing that made me laugh that he used to say. We lived in Wisconsin, and it gets pretty cold there in the winter. This  particular winter it was really cold. My dad went out to do something, (I can’t remember why he was outside),  but he came in and hung his coat up. He was rubbing his hands together to warm them back up. I was sitting at the kitchen table  reading a magazine. He comes in  to get a hot cup of coffee. And he smiles this devilish smile at me and says…..(Please do NOT read further if certain words bother you 😉  )

“It’s colder than a witches tit out there!”

I of course have to put  my two cents in. “How do you know how cold a witches tit is?”

“I’m married to your mother remember!” And we both bust out laughing! Even mom used to laugh, then she’d say “Russell! You better watch it or you won’t ever know what it feels like again!”

It was a running joke with them. My mom took it in good grace. And my dad never tired of saying that every winter. I was his “straight guy” for his  jokes. My dad had a wicked sense of humor. But he never was mean-spirited.

I sure miss his laugh and his crazy jokes.

6 thoughts on “I’m Working on It

  1. My dad said something similar. My sister just stared at him blankly with her “i am not amused face” and I usually said “ew”.

    I think that’s why he kept telling that joke.


  2. My grand parents weren’t comfortable making jokes like this in front of people, including me, except one night when my grand father got really drunk with my great uncle and they decided to try to out do the other with songs from the military. My grandfather had been drafted in the Army for WWII and my uncle had been a career officer in the Navy. it was hilarious.


    1. I bet it was! My dad would sing dirty ditty’s when he drank a wee too much. It was funny, cus otherwise he was the most quiet man. 🙂


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