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My Journey Into The Blogging World

Ah yes, my journey into the blogging world. It has been a whirlwind.  I started my first blog back in June of this year. It was my food blog and it started back then because I had found out I had a wheat intolerance. So I decided to start the blog with the idea in mind to find recipes that are gluten-free. I have had a blast doing that blog.  But it has somehow evolved into much more then a gluten-free recipe blog. It has become a world traveling food experience and I love it! Most of the recipes are still gluten-free, which has surprised me how you can travel the world and still eat well, by just eating what the natives are eating.

That blog has opened my eyes to so many wonderful places in this world, and so many wonderful different foods. I am having the time of my life writing that blog! And the people I have ‘met’ through it has been fantastic! I have made many new friends and I appreciate every comment and every “like” posted on it. I will continue to bring great recipes from different lands that you can still cook in your humble kitchen. I am having the most fun I have had in years! Thank you all for joining me!

This blog,  well this blog is special to me. I started “To Breath is to Write” just a couple of months ago. It was destined I believe.  I have always loved to write stories and after starting my food blog that love of writing came boiling to the surface once again. It was always there, just I had pushed it so far down through the years for various reasons. Now it has burst forth so strong that it has left me reeling. But I love it!

I never realized just how much I had missed writing.  I have so many stories inside of me that I have written something almost every single day since starting this blog. It has surprised the crap out of me!

I have learned so much on this journey. The ins and outs of blogging. I still have lots more to learn, but it’s going to be so much fun. Blogging has been easier because of the wonderful world here at WordPress. They make things easy to do. They answer questions I have, and the atmosphere here is just so encouraging. My fellow bloggers have been so very supportive and helpful also! You people out there are wonderful! You should give yourself a big pat on the back! I have been on the internet for too many years to count and I have never met a more patient, encouraging and just over all NICE group of people then here in blog world!

There are a few of you out there I wish I could meet in person and give a big hug to!  I consider you friends now, so beware! 🙂

This blogging thing has become so much a part of my life now. I feel so passionate about it. I look forward to getting out of bed  again. The stories going through my mind sometimes wake me up they are so strong and they want to be written so much. Some characters in my stories nag at me to write about them more. And that’s just fine with me!

But I will be truthful and tell you what has surprised me the most on this journey. It has amazed me so much that YOU enjoy what I write! When I wrote that first story, that first piece of fiction I was absolutely terrified!  Then I just closed my eyes and hit that publish button. And I keep hitting that publish button every single day afterwards. Now it doesn’t scare me anymore. Well okay that’s a lie. It still does, but not quite as much as that first time. You dear readers make it all worth while.

Since blogging I have renewed my love of writing fiction. I have thrown in some stories of my own life. I’m still not sure why, because basically I am a very private person. It has all been received so well though that I don’t regret a single word. I have gotten so brave in this writing world that I have even gone so far as to join the challenge at  this coming November. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a challenge where you write a 50,000 word novel in a month. It’s not a pressure oriented challenge. You write what you feel comfortable writing  every day. I’m hoping I make the 50,000 word count if not more. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have an actual novel at the end! Well with a whole lot of editing afterwards I’m sure.

My journey into the blogging world has been an experience I wish I had done sooner.  But, I’m here now! And you are not getting rid of me! I’m here to stay. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all who have joined me in my journey! I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you reading my posts and still come back for more. Here’s to all of us! We are a special breed of people and that’s okay with me!


11 thoughts on “My Journey Into The Blogging World

  1. Blogging has turned the same for me. We started the same time. My problem is getting the time for all my new freinds who blog. I am glad you are enjoying this. .


    1. Thanks! Oh yeah it’s been a lot of fun. I am having a bit of a problem keeping up with other bloggers, but I give it a good shot.


  2. You have done very well for yourself! You’re doign it for the right reasons. I started about 7 years ago, on MySpace, when that now sorry hulk of a site ruled the world. For my first 57 posts I got not single comment (although being on MySpace did allow me make the acquaintance and date some very attractive women in the Bluffton/Savannah area which more than made up for that lack of attention). At it’s peak, it pulled in 6-9,000 views a week, which was cool for a little while but then I started to feel very exposed. For me, its okay people I know and can respect because they are writers reading stuff, but I am not so sure about people I don’t know reading it. But this is about you, not me – so congratulations and thank you for the stories!


    1. I looked into MySpace back then myself. But, something made me back off. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet, I don’t really know.
      At least like you said you met some nice women 🙂
      6-9000 views a week?! wow, I think that would overwhelm me. Thank you for the kind words as usual Seb, I appreciate you reading what I write and commenting. It always is a pleasure to hear from you.


  3. I can’t believe this and a few other posts didn’t show up in my reader! OK…now to go back and read. (after I feed my husband)

    You write beautfiully and in just the few months I’ve known you, your writing has blossomed. I would give you hug if you let me (and we ever met).


    1. Thank you girl! That has happened to me lately, not getting everything in my reader. Thanks for the compliments. I would definitely give you a big hug! I thought my writing got better, but then thought maybe I was just a bit prejudiced. ha! Big hugs.


  4. Hi! it’s great to read other people’s stories about how they got into blogging. Its so true about the community here too. I started my blog in November and I was very nervous, expecting some critical feedback that might shatter my fragile confidence but I have had nothing of the sort. Good luck with your writing, I will definitely be coming back to read more of your stories.


    1. Hi there! Glad you came by to read some. Yes, it can be a bit frightening to publish what you write. But the people are great and very supportive. I will pop over to see your blog really soon! Good luck to you also!


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