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A Poem From a Non-Poet ~~ Daily Post Challenge

This week’s Daily Post challenge is to do something that is away from your comfort zone. If like me, you write fiction or nonfiction, then we are to try photographs or poetry. I picked poetry, well  because I don’t have a very good camera, and poetry is words. I love words.

But also poetry is far removed from what I would normally write. To be honest I would never attempt poetry unless challenged! I’m just not good at it. So be warned! Do NOT read any further, well unless you want a good  laugh. But if you like good poetry, quite frankly you will be disappointed!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

The challenge was issued and accepted by me

now I have to write in stanzas with words that flow free.

I’m good at stories and writings that come and go,

but something that rhymes is beyond my control.

I could cheat and pen something of roses and violets blue,

but I can’t think of anything that goes with that except flu.

Somehow I don’t think limericks will do either,

or odes to my eyes or nose would be  much of a thriller.

I warned you it was bad, so don’t be a hatin

my days as a poet are now quietly forsaken.

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An Update

I know some of my dear readers are waiting for continuation of some of my stories. I am so blessed to have such readers as you are! I am working on several right now. I have not forgotten  their stories I promise you!

I have one more chapter almost done for “Promises”, (Peaches I am sure you will be happy to know  Neta and Cugi are doing well) I also have one started on  the story “House of Mystery”, the house has been arguing with me on how to go on. 😉

As for “The Key” I have decided that I will of course continue it, but I am also going to use that story as my NaNoWriMo challenge next month. So I am afraid it  will  have to wait for a while longer.

But before I post these stories I am going to do this weeks DPchallenge, which is to step out of my box and write something I am not used to writing. For me that is poetry. I love  to read poetry, and follow several blogs that do it so well. I, unfortunately do NOT do it well. Poetry that is. So please dear readers bear  with me for a little while and I will get back to my stories soon.

Also, I would like to apologize in advance for the bad poetry that you will be reading within the next day or so. I’m sorry!  But, a challenge to me is…….well it’s hard not to accept.  🙂

If there are any of my stories you want to see continued please let me know! Thank you all!