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An Update

I know some of my dear readers are waiting for continuation of some of my stories. I am so blessed to have such readers as you are! I am working on several right now. I have not forgotten  their stories I promise you!

I have one more chapter almost done for “Promises”, (Peaches I am sure you will be happy to know  Neta and Cugi are doing well) I also have one started on  the story “House of Mystery”, the house has been arguing with me on how to go on. 😉

As for “The Key” I have decided that I will of course continue it, but I am also going to use that story as my NaNoWriMo challenge next month. So I am afraid it  will  have to wait for a while longer.

But before I post these stories I am going to do this weeks DPchallenge, which is to step out of my box and write something I am not used to writing. For me that is poetry. I love  to read poetry, and follow several blogs that do it so well. I, unfortunately do NOT do it well. Poetry that is. So please dear readers bear  with me for a little while and I will get back to my stories soon.

Also, I would like to apologize in advance for the bad poetry that you will be reading within the next day or so. I’m sorry!  But, a challenge to me is…….well it’s hard not to accept.  🙂

If there are any of my stories you want to see continued please let me know! Thank you all!

11 thoughts on “An Update

    1. Thank you Tiny! I didn’t want anyone to think I’d forgotten about them. I guess I am blessed in that I have so many stories to work with, or is it cursed? nah, blessed!


  1. Yay! You read my mind!

    I was about to harass you via private message. I read your blog most nights while I eat dinner and The Hubs watches The Simpsons and…well…I’m not as fond of The Simpsons. I’m excited to read more about Neta and Cugi!


    1. I’m not to fond of the Simpsons myself. You can message me anytime girl. You know that. To harass or not. So yes, soon I will have another chapter for Neta and Cugi!


  2. I can’t wait to read more about the key, that one has stuck in my head with my ideas rolling around wondering how far off I am from where you will go with it. Good luck on your challenge, I look forward to reading your poetry, I’m not good at poetry either.


    1. Yes, the key story has my mind going too! As I do the challenge I won’t forget about those that want to read it also. Oh my, I’m working on my poetry, but as I say I’m not good at it 🙂


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