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The Four Agreements ~ Toltec tradition ~

This post is different from any of my other postings. It even, if you really stretch it, might be a bit controversial. One thing it is NOT is religious. So please don’t even go there. We all have personal beliefs and I deeply respect that.

Part of my ancestry is Native American. Yes, American Indian. The other part is German. But today I am going to touch on my Native American part. (Here in Canada they prefer Canadian Aboriginal)

My parents let us four kids grow up to believe the way we wanted to. They felt we should explore all religions and find our own place. Or not, as my Dad was Atheist. My mom believes her own way as each of us siblings do. I’m really not sure what my siblings believe or even if they  believe in anything. We aren’t close enough to talk about it.

As for me. I’m not religious. I prefer more of my Indian ancestors way of thinking. With a bit of other stuff mixed in. It works for me. Today though I’m going to talk about the Toltec tradition. Some of you may have heard about it through Oprah. Yeah, that Oprah. I’ve heard of it, because I’m always interested in stuff like this. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about let me try to explain it. Then I’ll get into “The Four Agreements.”

The Toltecs were an ancient group of scientists and artists that was formed to explore and preserve the practices and spiritual knowledge of the ancient ones. It is not a religion, but a way of life that embraces spirit and honors all the spiritual masters who have taught on the earth. Toltec wisdom arises from the same essential unity of truth as other sacred esoteric traditions that are found all over the world. Basically, it’s just plain old common sense and respect. It is very close to what the American Indian believes. Love your world, love your people, respect both, and don’t expect things to be given to you on a silver platter.  (I added that last part myself)

The Toltec speak of the Mitote of the mind. The Mitote is the symphony of voices that seem to clamor for your attention – the preconceived notions, opinions, thoughts, and ideas that constantly whirl in your mind. Beyond that endless noise is a place of peace. There are several books out there that can explain things a lot better than me.

The Toltec Way by Susan Gregg

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz

Both are great books to read and great books to study if you want to find inner peace. I highly recommend them. It doesn’t make any difference what religious affiliate you belong to. These books transcend them.

The Four Agreements:

Be impeccable with your word: Always say what you mean. Speak with integrity. Don’t gossip and don’t put yourself down. Speak with love, truth and kindness.

Don’t take anything personally: What someone else does is NOT because of you. They made a choice. What others say and do has nothing to do with you. They are the owners of their own words and deeds and when you accept that, and become immune to others deeds and words you won’t become the victim of needless suffering and hurt.

Don’t make assumptions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to say what you really want. Talk to others in a clear and concise manner, it avoids misunderstandings, drama and sadness. This alone can be a life changer.

Always do your best: Your best is always going to change. Sometimes daily. Sometimes several times IN a day. Whether you are sick or well, tired or rested. Whatever the circumstance, do your best for that moment and avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret.

I’ve been through a lot in my life. From abuse when I was a child (no, not my parents). To abuse in a marriage. I’ve had my years of regret and self-judgement  till I was so deep into a depression I briefly thought of suicide. I crawled myself out of the deep dark hole never to return again.

When I found the Toltec Tradition it resounded so deeply inside of me that I became a different person. I started to hold my head up high and believe in myself. I’ve had friends ask me how I survived my earlier years. I tell them I survived because that is what I’m good at. Surviving. But I wanted more. I not only wanted to survive I wanted to LIVE.

My life was not easy. But now my heart and my mind are easy. I am who I am. I’ve accepted that and I’ve grown into that. I wish no harm to anyone, especially those in my past. I forgave them long ago. But more importantly I forgave myself.