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Hello everyone! Today I’m trying something just a little different. It’s called Friday Fictioneers by Rachel Wisoff-Fields. It’s where you write a 100 word story on a picture prompt. Well, it doesn’t have to be a story, it could also be a poem, or anything you want. Also, no one will yell at you or anything if you go slightly over the 100 words. This will be my first time trying it, but it sounds like great fun and gets the old creative juices flowing. Hope you enjoy!

This is the photo prompt for today.



Another Day

She finished eating her lunch. Drank her iced tea and wondered what tomorrow would be like. Then she just sighed. She knew what tomorrow would be like. It will be like today, yesterday and every other day before that. It never changed. The same every single damn day. She was so tired, so bored with life.

Another day she vowed to herself things would change. SHE would change. She would go out and do something exciting! She promised herself she would! She poured more sugar in her ice tea and stared out the window.

Another day passed her by. Another day gone.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

This weeks photo challenge is Foreign.

Foreign. While foreign (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which is out of place in general.

My picture is one I took Tuesday morning after we got over a foot of snow. It was my backyard and the trees were first covered with ice, then snow. It reminded me of a Foreign land or world. Hope you enjoy!

(click on picture to enlarge, it’s even better that way!)


A strange Foreign World of Frost