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Hello everyone! Today I’m trying something just a little different. It’s called Friday Fictioneers by Rachel Wisoff-Fields. It’s where you write a 100 word story on a picture prompt. Well, it doesn’t have to be a story, it could also be a poem, or anything you want. Also, no one will yell at you or anything if you go slightly over the 100 words. This will be my first time trying it, but it sounds like great fun and gets the old creative juices flowing. Hope you enjoy!

This is the photo prompt for today.



Another Day

She finished eating her lunch. Drank her iced tea and wondered what tomorrow would be like. Then she just sighed. She knew what tomorrow would be like. It will be like today, yesterday and every other day before that. It never changed. The same every single damn day. She was so tired, so bored with life.

Another day she vowed to herself things would change. SHE would change. She would go out and do something exciting! She promised herself she would! She poured more sugar in her ice tea and stared out the window.

Another day passed her by. Another day gone.


27 thoughts on “FRIDAY FICTIONEERS ~ My First Try!

  1. Welcome, Jackie. Glad to have you here. You caught the endless boredom, the continued resolve to change and the days slipping by without change. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the upcoming weeks.


  2. What an interesting twist you put on that picture. I looked at the photo and saw only positive images, yet you found a depressed thought. That’s why you are the writer.:-)


    1. hmmm or I’m just a bit down today! ha! Thank you my friend. For some reason that is what I saw in the picture.


  3. Hi Jackie and welcome to the club! You captured the ennui of life slipping by very well in your story. That first step is alwasy the hardest-getting up out of yourself and doing something.



  4. Welcome Jackie. Nice one this, with a real sense of being stuck in the same old grind. For some reason I think this cries out to be written in the present tense, but I can’t explain why. Look forward to reading more of your work soon.


  5. Dear jackie,

    I loved your story and I’m sure many of the FF gang have had days like that and so will be able to relate.

    Welcome aboard the Friday Fictioneer’s bus. (Are you one of the writers that doesn’t mind input of a constructive and well meant sort? let me know.




    1. Hello Douglas. Feel free to give constructive advice. I don’t mind as long as it’s put in a nice way. You know us writers, sensitive. 🙂 Seriously, I don’t mind. I joined because I love to write and want to get better at it. thanks for taking the time to read it!


  6. Welcome, Jackie. I enjoyed your story. Your really captured the feelings of someone who’s in a rut. Boredom is something I hate more than anything but it’s not always easy to break the cycle. Well done.


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