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Weekly Writing Challenge ~ I Wish I Were

This weeks writing challenge from the Daily Post is “I Wish I Were”. We are to finish the sentence …..I Wish I were…..

I wish I were a better writer, so that I could say in words all the dreams, thoughts and pictures in my mind. They are beautiful. But I never seem to get the words right. How can I tell you about the bright reds of my dream trees? The sunshine a brilliant yellow that glows with happiness.

If I were a better writer I could tell you about characters in ways that would make you think you were by their sides in each adventure. I could paint my word pictures with the hues of the rainbow, each chapter being another layer of color one upon the other.

My words could convey the heart thumping fears of the unknown. The shivers of suspense that builds in each small word. The colors themselves would not be on the page, but in your mind, playing your imagination like a well tuned violin. Each letter a note  of wonderful music gently strumming your nerve ends in tingling melodies.

I wish I were a better writer so that you my readers could see what I try to write with each sentence, each paragraph, each page  of my thoughts. Not only would the stories grow with light and beauty, or dark with shadows. Each story would show you the tiny piece of my soul that went into the writings.

I Wish I were a better writer of dreams so all of you could see my world of words.

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge ~ I Wish I Were

    1. You’re so welcome. And to be afraid is natural, it’s what we do with that fear that’s important!


  1. I don’t know that writers ever think they get the words right. We are always revising and reviewing. I’ve been known to draft a letter to my son’s teacher then re-write it several times before I was happy about it. Then once it was too late, I’d realise how I could have rephrased it even better.


  2. I sympatize with the feeling of not being able to express myself perfectly or clearly sometimes. It’s so frustrating and you haveto settle for “good enough”. You wrote this beautifully though. very nice…and tight!


    1. thanks Peaches. From you that’s a true compliment. As writers I believe it’s in our nature not to think we ever express ourselves perfectly. We seem to miss those few perfect words. Ah well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


      1. It’s so hard to trust your reader enough to know what you mean! To not turn a simple concept into a 400 word diatribe. Sometimes I give in…but you did absolutely wonderfully here and you conveyed a message that every writer understands. Bravo!


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