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NaNoWriMo ~ Day 4

I’m baaaackkkkk. I have had a great productive day today! Yeah me! It has been quiet, no phone ringing, no dog barking. Nothing but peace and quiet to write in. Blessed be! I managed to produce 2786 words today in a relatively short period of time. It just kept coming so fast out of my brain my fingers could hardly keep up! And I type fairly fast. It’s a good thing because yesterday I got a bit behind. Now I’m predicted to finish Nov. 28Th! Well, only if I keep up the pace.

I now have a total of 7461 words written in 4 days. Not bad.

I was doing some snooping around the NaNo site today after I punched in my word count and some people have 10 or 20 thousand words written all ready!!  20 thousand!! In four days. Me thinks they started writing way before November 1. ha! Of course if I would have been smart and not so lazy I could have done the same I suppose. But what is the challenge in that? Oh well.