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A Day In The Life of a Newbie NaNo’r – Day 5

The day started off at 8:05 this morning with a cold snuffle in my ear. My dog Sam wanted me up and about so he could have his morning constitution and his morning cookies. He lives for his cookies.

I hadn’t slept well last night for reasons I will refrain from boring you with. But I got up and let the dog out and then gave him his coveted cookies. Jumped in the shower for a quick wake up. Decided I would treat myself this morning with a large coffee, two creams from Timmy’s  (Tim Hortens Cafe here). I do love me some Timmy’s coffee. 🙂

By the time I got back home it was 9:15. Time to boot up the old computer. I’m all ready thinking of the NaNo book I’m working on. Trying to fit some pieces together in my head so I can get them down with some semblance of sense. Whether I manage that is debatable. ha!

9:30 and I’m on  WordPress checking out any comments I might have. Find a few and answer. I love comments too.  Who doesn’t. My ego gets stroked with every one. 😉

Finish with that for the moment and go into email. I swear with the election and Christmas coming I get more spam every darn day. Nothing much of interest in email. Oh, I might have won like 130 million if I answer the email today and send them all my information. Yeah right. Moving on.

10:00 am and I finally boot up the program with my NaNo  novel in it. Read the last few paragraphs and try not to cringe at the editing I must do at some much later date! All though I can’t help but do some tiny little editing things. Opps. But reading the last few paragraphs helps me set my  mind in what I was doing last on the book.

By 10:05 I’m typing my fingers to the quick. I  finally decide how I’m going to tie a couple of things together. Phew! I  type for about 45 minutes and stop to read over what I did. To see how it flows. It’s a habit I just can’t break, even for NaNo. That’s just the way I write. Doesn’t seem to really slow me down much as I type about 55 wpm. The past secretary coming out.

I have to stop writing about 11:30  because my head is getting foggy. A sure sign my blood sugars are getting low and I need to stop for lunch. Darn it. But I take this opportunity to read again what I have written. Not too bad. Make myself a chicken salad, grab a bottle of water (the coffee is long gone, should have gotten two cups!).  I take this lunch break to do a few research things for my book. I figure I need to eat, but doesn’t stop me from doing something else too. Yes, I admit. I am the dreaded ‘crumbs in my keyboard’ person. Hey it’s MY keyboard!

About 12:10 am writing on the novel again. It’s flowing a bit better now my head is clear. Finally finish chapter 3 and start on chapter 4. Finish what I wanted to today.

Unfortunately I have dirty dishes in the sink, my floors need vacuuming. The dog and cats need feeding and the laundry needs washing. Not to mention the dust! Okay, I won’t mention the dust! I need a maid for the month!!! Any volunteers??? The pay is non-existent,  but the benefits are good………..

Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!! The benefits would be I feed ya! I am a cook after all. heheheh.  And since I have to cook for myself, as much as I don’t want to sometimes, cooking for one more is easy enough. You clean, I write. Sound great to me!

So my word count is now up to 9125 for the past 5 days. Today I did 1664. I’m happy with that. Hope you all had a good day too!