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NaNoWriMo Update ~ Day 16

Well it’s Friday, my thoughts are still scattered to the four winds. I will get it together at some point I’m sure. I managed another 1321 words today for a total of 26627. I’m really hoping this weekend goes better.

Here is a snippet of chapter 12, one of the chapters that was giving me hell. It’s a conversation between Phillis (the protagonist) and Malcolm the elderly friend who is helping her find what the key opens. It’s in rough draft and so not as good as I would like. But it is what it is for now.


The Key

Phillis felt Malcolm’s eyes on her but continued to toss pieces of bacon to Pal. She wasn’t sure what to say to him, so she waited for him to speak. Which he did when he finished his first cup of coffee and stood to get his second.

“I’m going to stick close to you from now on my dear girl” Malcolm told her.

Phillis looked up in surprise, she didn’t feel like she needed a baby sitter. “No need Malcolm.”

“Obviously last night proved there is a need” Malcolm said pouring his cup of coffee. He headed back to the table and noticed the frown on Phillis’s pretty face. “Someone is either out to harm you, or out to steal the key.”

“If they wanted me dead, I would be dead. They want something else, maybe the key. All though I don’t see what good the key will do them without the book.” Phillis stated in a reasonable tone.

“Maybe they have the book” Malcolm stated.

Phillis stopped throwing bacon to Pal and stared at Malcolm. She had never thought of that. It seemed far fetched to her though. “If they had the book why are we searching for this same mythical book then? Would not all of our queries have revealed this damn thing even exists?”

Malcolm calmly sipped his second cup of coffee. “It was just a thought” he said.

“Well it doesn’t make any sense. I mean Edith never found traces of this book except for a long distant relative who might have information, or not.” Phillis stated. No she thought to herself. They don’t have the book. Not yet anyway. She was sure that who ever attacked her wanted the key, her, or both. Whether these same people had the book was doubtful. She frowned.

“Maybe these people, who ever they are think WE have the book” Phillis said to Malcolm. She watched Malcolm lower his coffee cup to the table. He stared at her, thinking.

“They must know we have the key” Phillis went on to explain her reasoning. “It is documented that my family held the key for generations. It’s not something that would be hard to find out. What if they also think we have found the book?”

“That might explain why your attacker didn’t just kill you.” Malcolm said thoughtfully. He didn’t notice the grimace on Phillis’s face at the easy statement of her death.

“He could have easily taken the key off you. Or subdued you enough to make you tell him where the key was. But, what if they wanted to kidnap you instead? They would have the key and they would try to find out where the book was through you” Malcolm was thinking out loud now.

Phillis stood and put the plate from the bacon in the sink. She noticed the dishes piling up and thought it was good that the housekeeper and other staff was coming back tomorrow. A housekeeper she was not. She thought Malcolm could be right in his thoughts. All the better to brush up on her self defence courses. She refused to carry a gun. At least around here. Once they got to Europe, that might change, but for now she will put her trust in herself and Pal.

She washed her hands and dried them on a kitchen towel. Facing Malcolm she said, “Well what ever they wanted they didn’t get. They might try again, but I don’t think so. If they do it will probably be over in Europe.”

“Maybe” Malcolm was not convinced.

“In any event, I will be more alert now. The house will have the alarm set. Also, I will have Pal with where ever I go.” Phillis said.

“Go? What do you mean go?” Malcolm asked. “You aren’t going anywhere till we leave for Europe!”

Phillis smiled. “I’ll be fine Malcolm. You can’t expect me to stay in the house cowering at every noise.”

“I don’t think you should cower, but stay close to home, yes most definitely” Malcolm stated firmly. He watched Phillis’s face change. He knew that look well. It was her stubborn look. He remembered she would get it every time something was denied her that she thought she should have. Edith got that same look when she was determined to do something that was frowned on. Malcolm sighed quietly. He couldn’t stop Phillis from doing what ever she wanted to do. She was of age and he wasn’t her guardian.

Phillis put her hands on her hips and frowned at Malcolm. “I have an appointment in town. I will have Pal with me at all times. I will not stop living my life because of some damn family fairy tale!”

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Friday Fictioneers ~ Nov 16

Every Friday authors from around the world gather  to share their 100-words based on the photo prompt and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. This creates a wonderful opportunity for free reading of very fresh fiction! Readers are encouraged to comment as well. If you would like to join us please do! Go here for  all the details

Once again thank you to Rochelle for hosting this event!

copy right Sean Fallon

Old Bob gave a cackle. Another jar of batteries. He picked it up and opened his cupboard. Setting the bottle on the shelf he stood back and admired his collection. He had jar after jar set in rows. Batteries, copper wire, nails, bits and pieces that only he knew what they were. He rubbed his hands together and gave a lunatic’s smile. He shut the door to his prize collection and turned to his kitchen table. Sitting in a rickety chair, Old Bob gave another nasty cackle, opened the booklet and read. The title of  the book, “Building Bombs for Dummies”