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NaNoWriMo Update ~ Day 24

Well it was a strange week last week. I didn’t update ¬†for most of it. My schedule was shot and that got me all crazy. This last week of NaNo should be better as I can get back to my schedule of writing in the mornings.

The last day I did an update was the 19th where I was at 31768 words. Today was a pretty good writing day even though the day sucked personally. Guess I’m one of those writers that do better when their personal life is in the toilet. Ah well, such is my life.

Anyway, today I am up to 40018 words. That added a total of 8250 more words since Monday. Just got 10,000 more words to go! Yea me!! I have six days to do them in, but I’m hoping to get done a day or two early. Keeping fingers crossed.

Hope all those that celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful one! Also, those of you who shopped on Black Friday I want to say……ARE YOU NUTS???? hahah!