Post NaNoWriMo and a New Header

Hello dear readers! Just wanted to shout out that I have new headers for my blog here at To Breathe Is To Write courtesy of Nicole Belanger of the wonderful blog The Middlest Sister. She did an awesome job on the header! Thank you again Nicole.  (I won a contest on her great  blog and won a header designed by Nicole) Please go over and take a look at The Middlest Sister blog, I guarantee you will be smiling afterward!

The dog looks just like my Sam!


I  have decided after doing the month of November as NaNoWriMo, that I’m going to take a little time off. Never fear though! I am just taking a break from writing on The Key, not from blogging.  I will be  posting some short stories. Many will probably be holiday themed. After all it is December! Whew, how time flies!

This morning I got up and felt a little lost because of no more NaNo. Sad isn’t it. But it was such an intense month. I didn’t quite know  what to do with myself. Then I took a good look around my house and……..Yikes!!!! I have let the housework  go  for way to long!! Guess I know what I’ll be doing for the weekend. 😦

I also wanted to thank all of YOU for cheering me on last month! Let me assure you, if it wasn’t for all that cheering I’m not sure I could have gotten through week 3 of NaNo. It was a tough one!

A special thanks goes out to my BFF  Peaches. Even though she is going through some personal issues, she never once stopped  cheering me on. She also volunteered  to do some editing on The Key!  She is my hero!! Love ya Sistah!

Thank you again kind, sweet readers! You are the best!


16 thoughts on “Post NaNoWriMo and a New Header

    1. JackieP

      That’s great! I’m going to start writing again tomorrow, Just not on my book, short stories for the blog. But creating a writing habit is a good thing! Plus I love reading your stories. 🙂


        1. JackieP

          Sounds about right. If I don’t write something everyday I feel lost. Like I’m not doing my job. So even today I had to write a post. 🙂


  1. Peaches

    Awww. I love you My Jackie. With all that’s been going on I haven’t read it yet but I am soooo wanting to. Very soon. I’m so excited.

    I should probably also clean…I’m losing sight of my table tops. (klutter bug? me? um…yeah.)


    1. JackieP

      it’s like my kitchen table then. I’m lucky to see it. Plus with 3 animals it looks like I have a fur rug in the living room. hahaha! Yup I need to clean.
      Hey I’m patient with you reading it. No biggie. 🙂 big hugs!


  2. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    It’s really good to read about a supporting network Jackie..very encouraging.
    I hope you recharge (after that housework) and are ready to go again for December. 😉


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