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A New Blog Challenge….Come Join!

Hello dear readers. I’d like to tell you about a new blog Challenge my friend Liam at has started. It’s called……………..

If This is the Title…

Sounds amazing, I know. So here are a few things that need explaining.

The Rules:

1. First of all, a random “title” will be given.
2. It is then your job to write a story based on the title.
3. There is no word limit, but the shorter the better (500 words would probably be the maximum).
4. Then post your story on your blog, linking the post in a comment on Liam’s post.
5. The “deadline” is the Wednesday after. Liam will then, as well as tasking with the next title, will mention his favourite on that post and link to your blog/Twitter/Facebook etc. Everyone’s a winner!

This is designed to test your creativity.

This week’s title is: The Missing Item

Here is my contribution……………………………


Wanda stood in the middle of the room with fists on hips. Her eyes looked in each nook and cranny of the room and didn’t see it anywhere! Where did it go to? My word! It’s not that big of a house, how could it have disappeared so easily?

She blew her breath out impatiently, she really didn’t have time for this! She needed to get to the meeting! Turning around quickly she ran up the steps to her bedroom. Maybe, she thought, she missed it the first time she looked there.

Wanda looked under her bed, in her dresser drawers, in her nightstand, then she tackled the closet. Nothing! Shaking her head she went back downstairs. She couldn’t believe she lost it! Her first real responsibility for the club and she misplaced it!

She plunked down on the couch and replayed every place in the house she had been this morning. Wanda had it when she had breakfast, she remembered. She had it on the table next to her bowl of oatmeal.

Wanda remembered she was just finishing her coffee when the phone rang. She talked to Shirl for a few minutes and then went to finish getting ready for the meeting. She came back downstairs and it was gone! She looked at the empty kitchen table and under it, but nothing!

She heard a …….caw! Caw! CAW!

She glanced over at the bird stand where her best friend was sitting and cawing at her. There stood Blackie, a huge raven, her friend and sidekick. They had been together for years. Smiling at him she suddenly saw something shiny in one claw. There it was!! Blackie had it!

Wanda ran over to the stand and took a closer look at what Blackie held. Yes! She reached over and tickled his tummy, his favorite thing in all the world, tummy tickling. His claw opened and she was able to finally get back the talisman he was holding.

She smiled with relief, she was so afraid she had lost it and they needed it for the ceremony tonight.



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    1. Thank you! Read your’s also and thought it was really good. Thanks also for the follow. Appreciate it. 🙂


  1. Good short Jackie,
    One day I’ll be on time and in ‘zone’ for one of your challenges. 🙂


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