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Friday Fictioneers ~~ Dec 7

Here’s to another Friday Fictioneers post! I just love Fridays! Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting.

This event happens every Friday, we are given a picture as a prompt. We are to write a 100 word story using that picture prompt. (there are no penalties for going over) We leave a link at our hostess’s blog for all others to click so that they can read, leave comments and enjoy!

It always amazes me how many different stories come out of the same photo. Please come and join us! It’s great fun and great practice to your writing. Also, it doesn’t have to be a story, you can do poetry or whatever you want. Just keep as close to 100 words as possible.

Here is this Fridays picture:


Copyright-Rich Voza
Copyright-Rich Voza



Welcome to the Doorway of Your Life! Pick a door! Any door! Just remember folks that what door you pick to go through will be YOUR LIFE!

So what will it be? A  rich life full of  happiness? A sad room that is gloomy? A bright room where you are rich and famous?! You choose! Play the wonderful Game of Life!

Will  you have a room where there is marriage and children? How about a room that is bland and lifeless? Hurry folks! This is a once in a life time choice! Come one, Come all! Choose your room now!

Keep in mind that what room you choose is non-returnable!

56 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~~ Dec 7

  1. Ohhhhh. I did not get that from that picture at all…but I love the sort of……can’t think of the right word. There’s nothign exactly scary in what you wrote, but that combined wit the picture just make me think of a Stephen King-esque thriller….chills. Well done My sistah!


      1. I think. I was emailing jen for like an hour and ah alf straight while she helped get set up for a freelance writing gig through her boss so I probably got it but it probably got lost in the stack since both emails start with J. Let me check.


        1. oh another job?? great!! I would like to get into freelance to help the cost of writing. But not sure I”m qualified or even how to get started. Good for you!


          1. Let me get started as Jen teaches me and then (once I actually meet the boss) I’ll see if he wants more people. You’re already overqualified for this :p promise…it’s super easy….and complex at the same time…but the writing part is easy.


  2. I often say where we end up is plain coincidence and one should never let one’s filial circumstances go over one’s head.
    I like this possibility. There could be a lottery system going up there. Good work!


  3. Jackie,

    Sounds like a guy working at a carnival to me….Snakeskin oil salesman. I can see the game show idea as well but I instantly had some guy outside a tent in my mind’s eye as I read your words. This had a great pace to it.



    1. haha! Yeah that’s what I thought too when I wrote it. I want to slap them, but don’t dare in case they show me a really bad door. Thanks for reading Ted, appreciate it 🙂


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