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A Few Christmas Books to Read

I love Christmas. Well, actually I should say, I love the SPIRIT of Christmas. You know that feeling. The feeling that fills your heart with hope, love, and light. That feeling you get when you do something nice for someone, or you say something nice to someone and see that person just perk up with happiness and hope.

We really should have that feeling all year. We should do things that give us that feeling all year! Maybe many of us do. But at Christmas time it seems to have a little something extra in everything we do and say.

I know at this time of year, I’m a bit more optimistic. I’m nicer, more loving toward people. I see hope where possibly I didn’t see it before. There is something about this time of year that just gives one more happiness, more hope, a bigger smile.

I also like to read different Christmas stories every year. Today I thought I would list a few (maybe unknown to you) books I have found that would give us all a good Christmas read.

South Pole Santa – Back to Christmas

A Delightful, Hilarious Christmas Story For All Ages From 8 to 108
by Dennis Canfield


Is Christmas really coming to an end? Marmel, Santa’s Head Labeling Elf, worries that it might be. He’s worried because no one is on Santa’s Naughty List anymore, and to Marmel there can be no Christmas without a Naughty List. That’s why he’s so glad to learn about Amanda Krumwerth and her family, who seem to have everything they could want except time for each other. As Marmel tells Santa, “All of them are absolutely, irredeemably, hopelessly naughty and they deserve nothing but coal in their Christmas stockings!”

So why is Santa sending Marmel on an obviously hopeless mission to get the Krumwerths off the Naughty List? South Pole Santa – Back to Christmas tells how Santa and his “polar opposite” try to bring the Krumwerths together again. But fixing this problem won’t be easy, and the Krumwerths may not be the only ones Santa is trying to help.

In addition to meeting Marmel and the Krumwerth family, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Santa’s Labeling Department. You’ll learn how Marmel travels the North-South Pole to link up with Reverse Santa Claus (“RC”). You’ll meet the penguins who pull RC’s sleigh, and Muz, a reporter for Elfin News Network (“ENN”). You’ll get to experience an elfin Christmas party, and best of all you’ll follow Amanda and her family on their journey to learn what it means to be a family, and Marmel on his journey to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

L Frank Baum


This fantasy (by the creator of the Wizard of Oz) imagines that Santa Claus was once a human foundling adopted by woodland fairies, who grows up surrounded by elves, Knooks, Ryls, and other “immortals” of the natural world. Claus decides that his mission in life should be to bring joy to mortal children by making and distributing toys. His good works spread worldwide, and the mantle of immortality is bestowed upon him. This is a long and old-fashioned tale full of improvised fairy lore, a battle against the evil Awgwas, and unique explanations of such Christmas customs as hanging stockings.

Letters From Father Christmas

J R R Tolkien

Fatherxmasletters Jpg

The Father Christmas Letters is a collection of letters written and illustrated by J. R. R. Tolkien between 1920 and 1942 for his children, from “Father Christmas”. They tell of the adventures and misadventures of Father Christmas and his helpers, including the North Polar Bear and his two sidekick cubs, Paksu and Valkotukka. This is a particularly good book for those who love Tolkien – and it is a chance to see his writing focusing on something other than middle earth and fantasy.

Christmas Jars

Jason F. Wright


On Christmas Eve, twenty-something Hope Jensen is quietly grieving the recent loss of her adoptive mother when her apartment is robbed. The one bright spot in the midst of Hope’s despair is a small jar full of money someone has anonymously left on her doorstep. Eager to learn the source of this unexpected generosity, Hope uses her newswoman instincts to find other recipients of “Christmas jars,” digging until her search leads her to the family who first began the tradition of saving a year’s worth of spare change to give to someone in need at the holiday.

The Autobiography of Santa Claus

by Jeff Guinn


It all started when Jeff Guinn was assigned to write a piece full of little-known facts about Christmas for his paper, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. A few months later, he received a call from a gentleman who told him that he showed the story to an important friend who didn’t think much of it. And who might that be? asked Jeff. The next thing he knew, he was whisked off to the North Pole to meet with this “very important friend,” and the rest is, well, as they say, history.

An enchanting holiday treasure, The Autobiography of Santa Claus combines solid historical fact with legend to deliver the definitive story of Santa Claus. And who better to lead us through seventeen centuries of Christmas magic than good ol’ Saint Nick himself? Families will delight in each chapter of this new Christmas classic—one per each cold December night leading up to Christmas!

7 thoughts on “A Few Christmas Books to Read

    1. Thanks! The books are really good. I did the new site for Christmas, afterward who knows what it will look like. 😉


  1. You’re so right Jackie.
    I try to feel that way all the time not just around December 25th.
    Thanks for the “feel good” post. 😉


  2. Hi Jackie,
    I was flattered to discover my story, “Back to Christmas” included on your list of Christmas books – thank you so much!
    I am writing to let you know that I have completely re-written the story, and have just re-released it under the title, “Back to Christmas.” The website is . It is currently available for Kindle, and should be available in audio and print by early November.
    Thanks again Jackie,

    Dennis Canfield


    1. Hi Dennis!
      thanks so much for letting me know about the new release. It’s a delightful book and I remember adding it to my post last year. I may have to do a new one this year and mention that you have re-written it. Good luck in all your endeavors.
      Jackie Phillips


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