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Christmas Inspirations in Honor of Victims of Connecticut


I wanted to write another post for Christmas, but couldn’t get the horror of those children from Hook Elementary out of my mind. So I decided to show some inspiring quotes and pictures to honor all the victims and the families of those victims. May light and love forever shine through them.

























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7 thoughts on “Christmas Inspirations in Honor of Victims of Connecticut

    1. That’s how I felt. I didn’t think my words could do it justice, especially when I would keep tearing up. Hard to type when I tear up.


      1. Funny that’s how I typed my post, attempting to read through the tears. I couldn’t attach any photos today, I just had no idea how to capture the pain I was feeling in a picture.


  1. It is very sad I just pray some positive changes will occur from this.
    With respect to those who have lost, I really do hope all everyone enjoys their time with their family and loved ones, this holiday.


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