I live in Canada, but I am a proud American, my friend Peaches says what I have been feeling the last few days. Thank you Peaches.


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      1. Peaches

        I had to. I couldn’t take it anymore and responding on the boards even just politely telling them that they don’t understand, gets you called an arrogant American. It’s just….they’ve already made up their minds sometimes. Fine. But keep it to yourself while we’re mourning. I really never have seen a single American go on a judgmental rampage when other countries face such a tragedy. They just shake their head and express sorrow and shock.


        1. JackieP

          so true, that’s why I have been upset too. I just couldn’t word it as well as you did. I’ve seen some of the judgemental words, and no I never saw an American go on rampages about other countries either that face a like situation. It seems it is so easy to judge us arrogant Americans, while holding out their hands for help.


  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    On my FB network it has been mixed but in general a deep sadness for those who have lost loved ones.
    I did have to correct one FB post which had one of those anti-American images…It concerned numbers of people being killed by guns in certain countries with the USA coming out top.
    The caption read…”Guns don’t kill people…Americans do.”
    I’m obviously not an American but I had to comment, leaving the following…
    “It’s actually people who have an absence of Love who kill people”.

    And Jackie, for that love to be developed things need to change…there needs to be…
    A change of attitude.
    A change of laws.
    A change of beliefs.
    A change of values.
    Over here in the UK, most of us are praying for comfort and help to be given to those who have lost.


    1. JackieP

      I reblogged this from a friend of mine. We are both Americans that live in Canada. We had both seen and heard our fair share of un-american things. So she wrote the blog, but I agreed with her. Most people were and are sympathetic, but there were enough on social medias and news websites that angered us. I do agree with you Phil, there does need to be some changes.


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