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Friday Fictioneers ~ Jan 4

  • Copyright – Lora Mitchell
    Copyright – Lora Mitchell


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  • A Romantic Mystery


Flickering of the fireworks lit up the house. The faint popping sounds could be heard in the eerie silence. Dusty cobwebs slowly rippled with the slight breeze of her passing. Another year passed, another  ahead of her. She stopped in the doorway. She knew she couldn’t pass through.

She saw him in the garden. He looked so sad, this man she loved with her whole heart. She wished she could touch his face, make his sadness disappear. But, she couldn’t. She could only watch as his tears slipped down his cheek. As he walked away softly saying,

“Why did I not die with you?”

58 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~ Jan 4

    1. thank you! yes it’s amazing to me also how many different stories come from the same picture. Thanks for reading!


      1. You’re welcome I could see the guy in my head. Sad to have true love and then have to live the rest of your life without it.


  1. Dear Jackie,
    I was going to say what Tom said. In one of my novels I had a character a certain way in my head and she wrote herself quite the opposite. Poignant piece you’ve written. Am I reading it wrong or is this a “Ghost’s eye view?” In any case I felt the man’s anguish. .


    1. Hi Rochelle,

      Characters have a way of asserting themselves even in very short posts do they not? Thank you for understanding. Yes, it is in the “ghosts” viewpoint. A great love does not stop after death, for either side.



  2. My step-mother always joked with my dad that they were going to go together. It didn’t happen that way, but he died before a year was up. Some people are so thoroughly connected. Good piece, emotionally charged.


    1. yes I’ve known couples that have died close together. It’s sad yet not in a way. Thank you for reading!


  3. Very sad. I also notice that the female character has chosen not to move on into the after-life due to his pain. She has not moved on into her rest period because she is alive and still with him (in another dimension). Great job.


  4. Sad .. but yes, what happened? I must say, the last line surprised me.

    FYI: I see Bumble here. On my site, see comments from Rich (or Brainsnorts in the sidebar) because I know he does these.


    1. yes they both do these. Rich is so good as is Amy from Brumbles. I try my best. I’m not sure why I did sad, just came that way. My brain confuses me sometimes.


  5. It may not be your normal genre but you pulled it off well and with a twist at the end. I, too, took a different tack this week. Sometimes as you say, these things just go there.


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