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WordPress Writing Challenge ~ Map it Out

Today’s writing challenge from WordPress is to embed maps in your post. That sounded pretty interesting to me. So I decided to map out my life so far. From where I was born, to where I am now. Pack some snacks, make sure there is some great music and come travel with me!

We start out in Milwaukee, WI. Yup, the city I was born in. The biggest city in Wisconsin. It’s about 90 minutes north of Chicago. I lived in Milwaukee till I left home in my early 20’s. I have never been back there. Not even for a visit. Never wanted to. It held some bad memories and I just never felt the urge to “go home again.”


When I moved from Milwaukee, I made a brief stop in Southaven, Mississippi. Only six months there. It was a strange part of my life. I feltย adventurousย and bold. Didn’t last long there.


After that I moved to Texas. My younger brother was there and he asked me to come to Texas, so I did. It was the Ft. Worth, Lake Worth, Texas area. In my 18 -20 years in Texas I got married, divorced and lived from all points in Texas. From as far south as Victoria, to Graham in the north, to Lake Worth, to Ft. Worth, Waco, Nacogdoches, Mineral Wells, and ย probably a few I’ve forgotten about. My ex and I moved over 40 times in 13 years of marriage! That alone was grounds for divorce!


After I had to leave Texas, (my ex was a stalker) I moved to upper Wisconsin. Townsend to be exact. I think I enjoyed that the most. It’s a small town surrounded by forest and lakes. I loved it there. Right now that is where most of my family live. Including little brother. If I could go back and make a living, I would.


If you look close at the map, behind the hardware store, you’ll see a house on Nicolet Road just past Elm St., before the bend, that’s where my mom lives. It’s beautiful country, peaceful and serene. Unless you get on my mom’s bad side. haha!


After I stayed there for a while I moved to Alberta, Canada! Outside of Calgary. It reminds me so much of Texas (because of the cowboys and cows) and Wisconsin (the weather). I’ve lived here for awhile now. For the most part I don’t find it much different then the States. You have good, great, and bad people. Eh, it’s all the same.


So far that’s it! Never know about the future though. Hope you enjoyed the travel. Have a wonderful day and make sure those snacks are healthy! hahaha!










19 thoughts on “WordPress Writing Challenge ~ Map it Out

  1. I’m feeling a bit exhuasted at the moment from all the moving around! Thanks for letting us ride along with you as you moved through the places of your life in this post.


  2. And I thought I moved around a lot, 40 just in Texas! I love the southwest, but I was never much enamored with Texas, sorry everyone who lives there, it’s just not for me.


    1. it was probably more than 40, but I lost track up to that number. It was crazy. Texas is not for everyone. It’s different. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I’ve never inserted any maps, but at least now I have a go-to person. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal history. A lot of moves that cover a large area … and nice to know that you are in Calgary. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi Jackie! I’ve been buried in taxes the past few days and have only come up for air a few times. I saw our accountant today, so I’m good until April. … I read this post when you first posted it, and I can’t believe how much you’ve moved around! Then I googled where you are now, and it seems so remote. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure it’s not though. Are you a citizen of Canada now – dual citizenship?


    1. hey Maddie! ugh accountants. I feel for you! Yeah, I’ve traveled a bit. As far as where I am now, nah, it’s not remote at all. Calgary alone has over 1 million people. I don’t live in Calgary but I’m close. I am what is known as a “Permanent Resident”. I’m still only a US citizen.


  5. 40 moves in 13 years–now I understand your Fiction Friday story about the homeless musicians. haha.
    Glad you are able to post maps up on the internet of where you are because it means that you are no longer being stalked. Thanks for sharing.


    1. thank you Kozo! As far as I know I’m not being stalked anymore. Of course I feel fairly safe because he can’t get into Canada. ha! But yeah, we moved way too many times! Thanks again for reading!


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