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DPchallenge ~ Starting Over

Today’s DPChallenge is “Starting Over”. In their words:

Making a new start is never as simple as it seems on paper. It’s easy to talk about losing a few pounds or giving up the job you hate to weave animal-shaped baskets on a tropical island, but less so to make it happen, and keep at it.

In this week’s writing challenge, we’re asking you to write a short piece of creative writing (fiction/poetry/prose poetry/freeform mindjazz/whatever floats your boat) on the theme of Starting Over.



She couldn’t believe she actually did it! She quit her boring, hum drum, self deprecating job! She walked into her boss’s office, shut the door, and told him he would have to get his own coffee from now on, or until he hires some other poor soul. She was quitting!

She was tired of being the put upon, tired gofer! Sheila do this! Sheila do that! Sheila is that report done yet?! Her boss had her doing her own job and his, while he took all the credit and the pay raises. Well no more! She finally made the decision to open her own shop. In a small town, where the tourists come every summer and buy handmade crafts. She had finally saved up enough money to open her dream.

She would have her little shop open 6 months out of the year and the other 6 months she would be home painting. That was always her dream. To paint for a living. She didn’t need much to live on, just enough to keep her in paints and brushes.

She was 50 years old and starting over! Again! She found this cute little shop in one of those small seaside villages. It was two stories. The bottom would be the store and the top is where she would live. Perfect!

It took her years of saving and scrimping to get to this place in her life. She had no children, and no marriage. Not anymore. Well she never had the children. As far as her ex husband, well he married his ‘child’ bride and was quite happy with his kid. She chuckled at her own joke.

It would have been nice to have just a little bit more money in the nest egg before she quit her job. But, she just couldn’t take it anymore. If she had to make one more pot of coffee she was going to scream! She gave a little wiggle in her car going down the road. She was so happy! She turned the radio on full blast and sang all the way back to her apartment, even though she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

As she kicked off her heels inside the door of her living room, she hesitated for a minute. She just quit her job!! She sank to the couch as the realization sank in. What the hell did she just do?? How was she going to make it?? All the doubts and fears rolled over her till her eyes filled with salty tears.

She gulped and did some quick figures in her head. If she was very careful she might have enough money to last for a couple of months. The shop was already leased out to her for the next year. The owners retired and were willing to work with her. She would lease it out for a year then buy it from them if it all worked out.

She just had to pack and move. Move! Oh god, she just had a small car! She would have to find a truck, pay for that and maybe movers because she couldn’t move this furniture herself! What did she do??? More tears came. She suddenly felt overwhelmed. She felt sure she never will be able to handle it all. She never should have quit her job! She wasn’t ready!

As she sat there in a panic, she suddenly felt this immense peace come over her. Like someone gave her a big warm hug and whispered. You can do this! It’s your time now!

She wiped her tears and smiled. Yes, she could do this! She would manage and she would make her dream come true. Sure she was starting over……AGAIN. But this time it was on her terms, her way, her time! Bring it on!