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Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

Since my mind seems to be in a slump in thinking of my own things to write, I’m sure glad we have Daily Prompts to help. I do have a few ideas swirling in the black vortex of my mind for short stories, but they don’t seem to want to crystallize just yet. So I’ll do what I can with the WordPress Daily prompts. 🙂

Today’s is Sweet SixteenWhen you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?


When I was sixteen I never figured I would live this long. Not that I’m old. Far from it. But, I remember when I was sixteen I had it in my mind that I wouldn’t see 40. I’m not sure why I didn’t think I would live that long. Now that I’ve seen 40 well my life could be much worse I guess.

When I was sixteen I never assumed I would make so many mistakes. At least I’ve learned from them. That’s always a good thing. Most young girls see themselves as mothers in the future. Married to a wonderful guy and having a child or two. I never saw that for myself. I never saw motherhood in my future. Good thing too since I couldn’t have kids. As for having that wonderful man in my life, that was always pretty fuzzy back at age 16. So it was iffy. Still is.

It’s funny because I always saw my older sister as a mom and wife. Which she is. She married at 19 and all though she could never conceive a child on her own, she and her husband adopted 3 boys. So she had her dream of motherhood fulfilled.

As long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. Way before age 16. If I thought of my future at all it had being a famous writer in it. I consider myself a writer, but I’m sure not famous. Yet.

I suppose I just never had a clear-cut future planned out. I’m pretty spontaneous that way. I’ve traveled, lived in a lot of places, and I’ve always been able to adapt. I’ve met some pretty wonderful people, but I’ve also met some people who were pretty nasty and mean. I’ve had my share of both.

I’m not the kind of woman who plans out her life and goes from point A to point B. I’m the type of woman who might go from point W to point D in a zig zag fashion. I enjoy it. Nothing in concrete. Always enjoying the freedom of being different from the ‘normal’. That’s just the way I am, that’s just the way I thrive.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.



12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

  1. Good look back. In a quasi related note, whenever someone asks would I want to be __ age again, I typically respond with either an definite NO or a loud WHY …. after all, do be that stupid again, no thanks.


    1. that’s how I usually react too Frank, with a big NO. Ugh, I would never want to go back. Always go forward. Thanks for reading!


  2. I think we have a lot in common, Jackie. You may have had more challenges than me, but I think we have similar attitudes about some things. When you write fiction, do you put your own experiences into/onto your characters?


    1. I don’t realize I stamp my characters with a lot of my experiences till after I write it. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in and then it’s like…aha! That sounds so like me! So yeah I do.
      It’s cool we are a lot a like. I like that 🙂


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