Friday Fictioneers ~ Feb 1

It’s that time again for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. As always I thank our gracious hostess.


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

You are more then welcome to join us! It’s lots of fun and good practice for your writing. We write a 100 word story on a different photo each week. Please click on Friday Fictioneers above to read the short set of rules and read all the stories offered.

(This one may not be my best as I have been down with a really bad virus all week. But, I couldn’t miss my favorite weekly activity.)

Genre/Science Fiction

Copyright-Claire Fuller
Copyright-Claire Fuller

“Just relax. Breath deep. Close your eyes and let your mind go blank.”

Sara felt his fingers on her head. They were warm and firm. She let her mind clear and relaxed.

“I’m going to go in now. No cause for alarm. You will feel me, but there will be no pain. I will see what you see.”

Suddenly she saw him in her mind! She looked around and saw him head for The Door. No! Don’t open it! She thought she screamed it, but she was silent. She wanted to pull him back.

He reached for the handle and turned it.

She was wide awake once more, tears running down her cheeks. She was alone, again.