Daily Prompt:Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally? 

This is the question asked by WordPress in their Daily Prompt. Since they asked about major changes I would have to say I make them all at once. But then again, maybe it depends on the change itself.

When I decided to leave my abusive marriage I at first made the change in increments. I became detached, I secreted away money (all though that didn’t help as he found the money and took it), I made plans. When I actually left was an ‘all at once’ decision. I hadn’t planned on leaving that weekend. I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was July 4th weekend. Independence Day. He was out boating with his girlfriend. I just packed up a suitcase, called my one friend and left.

When I quit smoking, that was a cold turkey style decision. I had smoked on and off for so many years. Since I was nine years old! Yeah, 9 years old folks. I was a rebel. Stupid also, but that’s for another time. I had stopped a few times over the years. Once for 3 years. Then something would happen and I would pick it up again. This time though. This time was for the rest of my life. Either it was quit smoking, or quit breathing. I don’t know about you folks, but breathing to me is kind of important. This year will be my sixth year smoke free.

When I found out I had a wheat intolerance, I made the decision for a gluten-free lifestyle. At first I did an all at once, cold turkey style change with gluten. Cut it out completely. Well, that lasted about 3 weeks. Then I slide back into eating gluten and feeling bad. But in my defense I live in a place that finding gluten-free products is hard. Also, I love bread, pasta, all that gluttonous stuff. Yes, I know, I hear you thinking……”your other blog is a food blog lady! Bake your own bread!”.

I could do that. Yeah, right. Believe me people you do NOT want me to bake. I’m a great cook. I love to cook. A baker I am not.

Then lo and behold! My grocery stores started stocking gluten-free products. The ready-made bread is yucky. Just plain terrible. The pasta is good though. So okay, I go without bread for a while. Do me good anyway. So I did go back to a gluten-free lifestyle. I do blog about it at ………. Change is Good…Right??     How’s that for a blog named the right way for today’s prompt? 😉

So, for the most part I am a woman who accepts change in an all or nothing way. That’s who I am in anything I do. Love, relationships, hobbies, cooking, health changes. It’s all or nothing. I tried being flexible once, it almost broke me. I am who I am, no apologies given.




16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

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  4. Peaches

    Missed you! glad you’re starting to feel better! I used to be an all at once type girl. Now I’m trying to be more gradual. My system doesn’t handle sudden shocks well, even if they are positive changes.


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    1. JackieP

      Hi Maddie! Yeah, feeling almost like my old self, darn it, I would have liked to feel 20 again. ha! I have no patience once I set my mind to something. All or nothing. Plus I’m stubborn as hell. 😉


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