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Daily Prompt: Whoa!

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

I thought today’s daily prompt was an interesting one. I really had to think about this for a bit. What is my most surreal experience? I’ve actually had a few. Some I’ve written about. This post here is probably at the top of my list, but since I’ve all ready told that story.  I will try to think of something else that I haven’t told before.

You know, thinking of some of the things that have happened in my life is illuminating. I’ve had a lot of weird stuff happen. Can a person be a magnet to the unusual? If so I believe I am. Yes, I just wrote that with a straight and serious face. How else can I explain some of the stuff that happens to me? Like seeing ghosts? Or hearing them? Or almost getting killed not once, but twice! Maybe three times. I’m not a cat, I’m running out of lives here.

I don’t consider myself old, but damn, some days I feel like I’ve lived two lifetimes packed into one. Most of it not of my choosing. It would be different if I did exciting things like hang gliding, trekking up mountains in different lands, flying a plane. Nope, my experiences are more personal, more intense in a way as they are focused just on me. The inside of me, my heart, my soul. All those other things I mentioned would be great, awesome experiences. What I usually get is more private, or just plain strange


I actually like strange, unusual things. My ex used to call me “Witchy woman”, because of some of the things that would happen around me, not because of my attitude. He was not the first person to call me something similar to that. Even as a child I was treated more as an adult. Grown ups would come to me for advice! I was only like 10 or 12 years old and some of the stuff I was asked about should have shocked me, or at least surprised me, but they didn’t. Now if that is not unusual I don’t know what is.

After my divorce I met a man who was the love of my life. He was smart, cute, funny and believed in me fully. He was a man who was grounded in common sense. Yet even he said that I was different. He called me “an old soul”. I asked him what he meant by that. He looked me in the eye and said, “You have been here before, many times.”

This man was the poster boy of common sense. Yet, here he was telling me I was a ‘old soul’ and meaning every word. I loved that man with all my heart. Sadly he died much too young from complications of diabetes. I will always miss him.

That brings me to my story, my Whoa! moment. My surreal experience.

My love’s curiosity about things sent us on an experience I doubt I will ever forget. We lived in Ft. Worth, Texas at the time. They were hosting a very big Psychic Fair. Neither one of us had ever been to one and both of us were curious. So we went. I have to admit I have never been to another one.

First thing we noticed was how busy it was! We had never thought that these kind of events drew that many people. We walked inside and was surprised  with the diversity of the people. There were old, young, middle-aged, the place was packed!

There were booths set up selling everything from books to healing crystals. It was fascinating. Every one was super friendly. They never tried to push their wares or their beliefs on you. They smiled and talked with you and answered any questions.

Off to one side we noticed small tables set up for tarot card readings and crystal ball readings. There were people who had healing stones, you would lay down on cots and they would place healing stones on various parts of your body. I overheard people saying how good they felt afterward. I was fascinated with it all!

We were there for about an hour or so when I spotted a booth that seemed to be off to the side of any others. Even though the building that we were in was very brightly lit, this booth was in a corner that seemed dimmer then the rest. More secluded.


Sitting at a small table covered in deep purple cloth was a striking black woman. She was old, not too sure how old, but she was old. She had bright white hair that was cut close to her head. She probably stood close to six feet if I were to make a guess. Her face was ageless though. Beautiful I would even say. Her eyes were big and brown and shone with intelligence. She had on a violet dress, you know the kind, the ones that wraps the body in cloth with a shawl going over one shoulder. It fitted her aura so well.

She was alone, which I didn’t think much about at the time. Maybe a flitting thought about why her booth was so quiet with all the people milling around. She glanced up and our eyes met. She smiled this bright white smile and beckoned me over. I was surprised at first, I remember that. But then I thought, she looked so interesting, so we went over to her booth.

Her sign said she was Madame Marie (maybe named for Marie Laveau?) and she was from New Orleans. Wow, a real voodoo priestess from New Orleans! I felt myself actually getting excited. She smiled at me again and asked me to sit down. I never thought about it till later, but she didn’t seem to hardly acknowledge my boyfriend. She was concentrated on me. Needles to say, I sat down.

She watched me with those bright eyes and then she asked if she could hold my hand. I held my hand out to her. Gently she grasped it. I still remember her warm hand encircling mine. It almost felt tingly. Sounds strange right? I don’t know, but that’s how I remember it.

She looked at my palm and then she looked me straight in the eyes. Her voice was deep, smooth like velvet, yet soft. There was a definite creole accent. “You have seen trouble from a young age”, she stated in that smooth voice. I know I lost my smile. I don’t talk much about my childhood, but yeah I’ve seen trouble. “You are strong of mind and heart. You have come from many lives”, she says next. I remember my heart beating hard by then.

What she said next and last was what seemed so surreal to me. That is what stuck with me the most. Maybe it was bullshit. Then again maybe it wasn’t.

“You have strengths that you don’t know about yet. You have powers that have not been tapped. But they will be when needed. Your enemies should tread lightly.  You are a woman of the past.”

That was all she said. I didn’t ask any questions. I should have I suppose, but the feeling I got was she had said all she was going to say. I got up off that chair in almost a daze. We left shortly afterward. My boyfriend didn’t say a word about it till we got home. Then all he said was, “I told you, you were an old soul”. I still shake my head, but I remember her and her words today like it was a few minutes ago. She was unforgettable.

Surreal right?