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Friday Fictioneers ~ Feb 15


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

Come join us for more word fun! For rules and to read other people’s stories click on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields name (she is the kind hostess of this little endeavor)  then read and enjoy!

This week’s picture is:

copyright-David Stewart
copyright-David Stewart


“Now that’s just weird” Imelda stated.

“It’s art,” Fred her much quieter husband said.

“That is NOT art! It looks like something some crazed drug addict would do.”

“Now Imelda.”

“Look at it! It doesn’t make any sense.”

Fred looked at the statue and admired its fluid lines. He understood it perfectly. It’s how he felt with his domineering wife, being held back while he reached for something better. Tuning out the rant Imelda was spewing for anyone within earshot. He smiled, he knew exactly how he was finally going to shake the one that held onto his ankle, pulling him back, holding him still.

67 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~ Feb 15

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day Janet. Thank you. Imelda is a um strong woman she will survive to rant another day. 😉


  1. I find it amazing that so many writers interpreted the prompt as being pulled in two different directions. Or being held by the ankle while the personage is reaching out for something else. I guess a lot of us feel we’re being held back by whatever. Hope we’re all inspired to,indeed, reach out for that something else that will fill up our lives some more. A good read.


  2. wow his wife’s kind of a b—-! 🙂
    great take on the prompt! i look at the statue and if THAT’s how he’s feeling, then he’d better get out fast ^^


  3. Jackie PPP
    You have brought the statue to live, this is f—in great. Nice way to explain the art work. Really enjoyed this Jackie.



    1. Nothing violent I assure you! Fred is kind of passive really, he just wants to be happy. Thank you for reading!


          1. sorry about the ankle, I’m doing ok, just trying to figure out where my book goes from here or do I start another one that I have in mind. eh, I dunno.


  4. LOL! I love some of the comments you’ve received. At first I was with Imelda. I’ve seen this picture at a few prompts and haven’t liked it at all. Then Imelda was loud and obnoxious, and hated by Fred, so I suddenly saw the artistic nature of the piece. At the end, I wanted him to turn and stab her right there in the Square. LOL! I swear, Jackie, you are the best at getting a lot of emotion into your writing and allowing your readers to feel emotion as well. Nicely done.


  5. poor Fred.hope he makes a break for it and skedaddles out of Imelda’s (reminds me of imelda marcos, the shoe lady) nastiness! i think Maddie C. is right. we should all stab Imelda. *laughing* :p


  6. don’t like to admit i’ve been in that position, but i have been in that position. well done.

    this line: ““It’s art”, Fred her much quieter husband said. technically, the comma should be inside the quotes. also, “It’s how he felt with his domineering wife. Being held back while he reached for something better.” instead of “wife. Being…” you could have “wife, being…” because the line from “Being…” on is not a complete sentence.

    or you can just kick me in the nuts and i’ll go away.


    1. How about I skip the kicking in the nuts part? It would just hurt you and me. Or would that me “would hurt us” or “Would hurt you and I?” hell now I’m confused.
      I asked for your help, now I got it. Thank you, I will see how I like your suggestions when I put them in action. The word suggestions not the kicking one. (I’ve been in that position too, just with the ex hubs not the wife part)


        1. frozen bananas. that’s what I came up with, also chains. Do with that what you will.
          Otherwise I took your suggestions and corrected my story. Thank you teacher.


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