Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text

The weekly writing challenge this week is…..Image vs. Text

Once upon a time the web was a text-only medium. And to this day, a lot of people seem to harbor the illusion that it still, kinda, is. In today’s writing challenge we pull said illusion from its horse and devour it like a pack of brain-hungry zombies. Yes, it’s time to get visual again.

Detail a three to five step story or process—anything from a how-to, to turning points in your life so far, to a story with a beginning, middle, and end—and break up the parts with eye-catching, attention-grabbing images.

So here is my visual story. It’s a story of the love between me and my dog Sam. In comic strip form.

(I did a comic strip Wednesday for ‘Sam and Me’, this is a different style I am trying. Let me know which you like best, Wednesday’s or today’s) Thanks!

Sam and Meby JLPhillips
Sam and Me
by JLPhillips

20 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text

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