Women (and men who love women) It is time for us to stand up for ourselves and our girls!!! If we don’t we lose more then ourselves. We lose freedom! We are the new revolution! We will NOT comply! I am usually not very outspoken in my beliefs. This time I can’t stay silent any longer. Women are losing the battle to be called individuals and just plain people who matter. We have got to stop then trend in our politics and in our thinking before women are turned into nothing but cattle that can not make a single decision on their own!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

What does your day look like? Here’s your chance to share with everyone a day in your life! Here are some suggestions to get started: snap a picture once an hour and share what your day was like, walk us through a typical day for you, or even just what happened today!

This is the Weekly Photo Challenge. A day in my life. Hmm not sure how exciting this is going to be. But I am willing to give it a try. I’m not very good at taking photos and my camera is just a cheap digital so I hope you keep this in mind. I had fun though taking pictures. ūüôā



Getting ready to make Easter supper with my lazy animals. Just going to be a laid back Easter Sunday for me and mine. Hope everyone who celebrates this day has a glorious one! May light and love be yours!

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Friday Fictioneers ~~ March 29

Once again Friday Fictions are here! Hosted by our own Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, please click on her name if you are interested in joining us! For those of you who just want to read some really good fiction you can also click on Rochelle’s name, then scroll down to the cute little blue guy and click on him. From there you will have a plethora¬†of choices for your reading pleasure. What makes it so interesting is that all the stories come from the same picture. It is amazing how many different things can come out of the same source. So join us and be prepared to be amazed!


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

Copyright ‚Äď Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright ‚Äď Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Genre/General Fiction (100 words)

A storm was approaching. I could feel the pressure in the air. Far off rumblings of thunder rolled. Electricity off  already, nothing to do but light the oil lamps. Glows warm the house as I wait. Raising my eyes to the window with awe, the excitement builds in my soul.

Unbelief wars in my heart. I was responsible for this? My first real spell had worked? The coven will be so pleased. Glancing down I read the next spell in the ancient tome. I was a daughter of a daughter of another five, chosen for power. I felt my ancestors smile.

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Wednesday Comic Sam and Me —- March 27

Sam and I have a neighbor cat that Sam loves to hate. ¬†The cat loves to sit a few feet from the chain link gate and just tease the hell out of Sam. It drives him crazy! Thankfully the cat has never jumped over the gate to tangle with Sam. The cat is well known in the neighborhood as one cat no one wants to mess with, he has torn up a few other cats in his lifetime. He will sit there with Sam on one side of the gate and the cat on the other, when it gets bored, he slowly walks away with a contemptuous¬†flick of his tail. So today’s comic is about Sam and his neighbor.


comics Sam and Me dog cat funnies funny
Sam and Me ©


**Please click comic to enlarge**

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Upcoming Events

Hello! Hope this Monday was a good start to an excellent week.

Just popped in to tell you about some upcoming things here on this old blog of mine. First I am working on a brand new short story I hope you will enjoy. It’s not my usual type (if I even have one).

It came to me in a dream…. Yeah I know, do dum do dum do dum do¬†do! Crazy as it sounds it’s true. I woke up with it this morning still bright and shiny in my mind so I knew I was going to have to write it all down.

It has paranormal stuff all through it. Yes, I know I’ve written about ghosts and stuff, but this is completely different for me. You’ll see. I have no idea where it came from either, but hey, I’m going with the flow here. Especially since I haven’t written anything new in a while and it was beginning to worry me. ūüė¶


I also submitted another short story to Etherbooks.com, hopefully I will hear from them soon whether they accepted it or not. It’s actually a two parter. Each about 3000 words or more. I’ll let you know what comes of it soon as I know.

It’s not that I haven’t been busy! If you don’t follow my food blog (and why don’t you??). I had a super guest blogger on there today, Miss Four Eyes was generous enough to write some funny stuff for me on a wonderful guest post. If you haven’t read it, go ahead and do so. You’ll enjoy her. I also have a food article being published on the website of theindiechicks.com! It is coming out this Friday, March 29th! It’s about living with gluten intolerance and how it doesn’t have to be so difficult. So Friday I will be sending everyone over there to read it! I appreciate any and all support!

There is another reason I haven’t been writing much. I’m ¬†on some new medication for my diabetes, which seems to have temporarily¬†scrambled my mind. I can’t concentrate for any ¬†length of time and it is driving me crazy! Or crazier. Ha! ¬† My doctor assures me it’s temporary and that once my body adjusts to the new insulin I will be fine. Or better. Or not as crazy. I might even be able to sleep. Ah sleep, how I have missed thee. Anyway, time will tell.

I’m also trying to find another house to move to. So within the next couple of months I will be in full force moving mode! I am downsizing the house. Going smaller, cozier and cheaper. Ha! Cheaper being the key word. Selling this one too. Oh man, shoot me now! I AM crazy!

So bear with me my friends and maybe I will survive this crazy life yet.

Well that’s all I can think of today. Busy Busy Busy. ūüôā




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Friday Fictioneers ~~ March 22

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Hello Friday! Yeah, I love Fridays. You want to know why I love Fridays? It’s because it is Friday Fictioneer time! I know they usually start on Wednesdays, but that is only because of time differences in other parts of the world. Need to give everyone a chance right? Right!

Come read all the different stories that come about from one photograph, you will be amazed! We have very talented and creative people writing these little stories. So click on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields name (that will take you to our leader) to go and read the few tiny rules if you want to join, or scroll down on her blog and click on the cute little blue guy to read many great stories. Thanks for reading or participating.


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.


Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy
Copyright Douglas M. McIlroy


Genre/General Fiction (100 words)


Damn rustlers. They thought they had me. Showed them I was no one trick pony! ¬†After they forced me in that trailer, I heard them no goods talkin’¬†while they drove away. Was goin’¬†to make big money from selling me across the border.

When they stopped for the night I made my getaway! Learned how to open doors when I was just a colt. Those losers were sleepin’ off a bottle of whiskey. I walked right by ’em. Then I started runnin’,¬†it felt good to have the wind in my mane again!

It’s thirsty¬†business outsmartin’¬†rustlers.


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Daily Prompt: Menagerie

I’ve been a bit down this morning. I also had to go to a Doctors appointment and became even more down with the verdict there. Don’t worry, I’m not dying, just a bit of bad news. I’m a person who doesn’t get down too often, or at least try not to. Sometimes though things just seem to pile up till I just get tired of it all. That was me this morning. So I sat here wondering what to write today and saw the Daily Prompt from WordPress.

Today’s prompt is:

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

(Bonus points for adorable animal photos, and double bonus if they’re taken with your phone!)

I can’t stay down for long after looking at pictures of my animals. My dog Sam of course many of you are familiar with because of my Wednesday comics ‘Sam and Me’. My two cats may not be as familiar. They are a brother and sister duo who just had their 5th birthday on the 17th of this month. Yes, they were born on St. Patrick’s Day. They aren’t green though. ūüėČ They are gray ¬†and white and huge! They outweigh poor Sam by a lot. They are twice as big as he is. He comes in at 4.8 kg (a little over 10 lbs), the cats, Notwen the male is at 14 kg (30 lbs), Pouncer the female is at 12 kg (26 lbs). Yes! They are BIG cats. Not fat by any means, just big. But they are joys to have, except when they eat my plants or steal things.

Yeah, my cats steal. They prefer shiny¬†things, like pens and coins, but they have been known to steal other things too. They will steal my toothbrush if I don’t keep it in the medicine cabinet. They love to shred toilet paper, so I have to put the roll in a cabinet. Good thing it’s reachable from the toilet for me though. Silly critters. They have been known to steal paper pieces, hair ties, and anything else that catches their fancy.

But if there is a bug in the house, its dead meat. Especially spiders. For me that’s a big plus! I wouldn’t give a mouse 5 minutes lasting in my house if it was foolish enough to find a way in. Nothing moves in here without them knowing it.

Here are a few photos of my wonderful animals. They bring a smile to my face every day and I love having them in my life.

Notwen and Pouncer enjoying the night life
Notwen and Pouncer enjoying the night life
Notwen wanting to see what I was doing on computer
Notwen wanting to see what I was doing on the computer
The two devil cats
Pouncer and Notwen, the two devil cats! Innocent looking right?
Sam the Man
Sam the Man
Sleep Time Sam
Sleep Time Sam
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Sunday Snippets Critique Blog Hop ~ March 17

sunday_snippets2 (1)In this hop, participants post 250 words of their work in progress to be critiqued.  Then everyone hops around to critique others.  Don’t have a post of your own?  We’d love a critique anyway!

Want to join up?  Click here for the rules, and leave a comment to have your name added to the list.  The more the merrier!

My week’s Sunday Snippet is from a short story I had started a while ago. I’m thinking of expanding it. Hope you enjoy it.



They were married eight months after that first magical meeting. Karen’s lawyers tried to convince her to have Greg sign a ¬†pre-nup. She refused to even consider it. Karen was in love! She had Greg’s name added to everything she owned. The bank accounts, house deeds, boat deeds. Even her father’s business. Greg took it all¬†over¬†with a big smile and light kiss on the cheek. The only thing Greg couldn’t touch was her trust fund for it had been set up by her father when she first went to college. No one could touch it but she and her father’s trusted friend and lawyer Mr. James.

Mr. James, or Jamey as Karen always called him, took an instant dislike to Greg. He knew what Greg was, but saw how happy Karen appeared, so kept his opinions to himself. Greg fooled most people. Everyone he met thought he was a devoted husband. A man who would do anything for his wife. They never saw the Greg that showed up about three months after the wedding. That was the real Greg. The bully, the wife beater, the liar and the man who loved to terrorize his wife. Just for the fun of it.

Karen took ¬†three years of abuse. Three years of beatings. Then she couldn’t take anymore. She had thought of suicide briefly. But deep down she didn’t want to die. She was a survivor. So she started to plan.



Click on over to these great writers to check out and critique what they’ve posted!












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Exciting News ~~ I’ve Been Published!

Hello dear readers. Just a quick update on some exciting news. I’ve been published!

It’s true. I heard about Etherbooks.com from my good friend Maddie over at Breezy Books. (Go read her blog and buy her books!) She sent me an email when she heard about Ether books. She believed my short stories were good enough to be published and I thank her so much for believing in me. Big hugs Maddie my friend!

Anyway, Etherbooks.com in their own words:

Ether Books¬†is a new mobile social reading platform, connecting Writers and Readers around the world. Ether publishes “made for mobile” Quick Reads straight to¬†Smart Phones, the fastest growing digital reading device on the planet. Discover talented new and bestselling writers right from your pocket.

my story on Etherbooks.com
my story on Etherbooks.com


The gist of it is that you download a free app onto your Smart Phone, that app leads you to the Ether Books site that lets you download short stories in many genres for quick reads. They have loads of stories and mine is one of them! Many stories are free, others cost 69p (pence, they are based in the UK). Payment can be made by credit cards or PayPal. It’s a cheap price to pay for some great reads. Wonderful ¬†if you are waiting for an appointment, riding the bus to work or home, etc.

What is funny for me is that I don’t have a Smart Phone as yet (I’m saving up for one). I managed to download the app onto my iPod. You can also download it to an iPad or Android.

So please if you can go to their website, download the free app and then my story! It would be great to be supported by my readers! I would appreciate it to the moon and back. My story may be a familiar one to some, it’s called “Promises”. I did some editing before submitting it to Ether Books. (They have a team of people who read the stories submitted to them and then decide if it’s good enough to publish) ¬†This story was accepted by them in less than 24 hours! Now that made me super excited.

Promises is under Sci-fi/fantasy. I will be submitting another story later today or tomorrow and then another later this coming week. Hopefully they all will be approved and published. I also go under the pen name of JL Phillips. What is exciting also is Ether Books has Paul McCartney on there too! He writes about vegan¬†living. How’s that for some classy companions?

Go take a look around Ether Books! Thank you so much for your support! I couldn’t do this without all of you special people!



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Friday Fictioneers ~~ March 15

It’s that time of the week again (kinda). Time for some Friday Fictioneers! (or¬†Wednesday,¬†Thursday). Grab your favorite wet beverage and come along to make-believe world with me. You’ll be glad you did. If you don’t know by now what Friday Fictioneers is, (you been living in a cave?) let me explain it to you.

This is a challenge where we write a 100 word story to go with a weekly picture. I have learned its great practice for your writing, keeps things tight and muscled. (The writing people! The writing!) ūüėČ ¬†If you would like to try your fingers at this please come join us! Just click on our illustrious leader’s name (Rochelle Wisoff-Fields) and off you go to read about the very few rules we need to try to follow. Rochelle is a nice lady, honest, she won’t hurt you! There is also a cute little blue guy there that if you click on him (careful he’s ticklish!) he will carry you off to other stories. It’s truly amazing how many different stories there are hidden in one picture. We have many talented writers that come together every week. Give us a look!



Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.


Copyright ‚Äď Lora Mitchell
Copyright ‚Äď Lora Mitchell



Genre/General Fiction (100 words)


Linda  stared at the flowers sitting on the windowsill. Her first apartment in the big city was a tiny one but it was on the 52nd floor, the view was fantastic. A bed on the floor, very little food,  yet she was happy. As an artist Linda was used to living on little.

She had found the flowers outside her door this morning. A secret admirer? She hoped it was that nice  guy from 3 floors down that she met several times in the elevator. She smiled thinking life was good.

Pushing a button on her cell, Linda waited.

“Hi Mom!”