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Upcoming events ~~~

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was a great one. I got snowed in yesterday, snow and white out conditions. The wind blew so hard it flung my shovel off my porch and out into the yard! I had to unbury it this morning. Really sad when you have to unbury your snow shovel so you can shovel! 😉

I’ve been busy all day and I still need to get my taxes filed today. I wanted to stop by and let you know about some up coming events here on my blogs!

Sam and Meby JLPhillips
Sam and Me
by JLPhillips

First, I am writing another ghost story and yes it’s a true story. It’s about the ‘other’ ghost that was in my childhood home. The one that wasn’t so nice. If you read about Abe, be prepared for a whole different kind of ghost!

Also, on my food blog “Change is Good….Right?” , at the end of the month I am having an article published on The Indie Chicks website! Yeah me! I am so super excited about this. It’s about the gluten-free lifestyle. I will let you know later on that blog when the time gets nearer.

I’m also working on a new comic strip for “Sam and Me”, I know you will enjoy it, but as usual Sam is being stubborn. 🙂

Whew, I’m tired! Well actually I’m more excited than tired. Busy, busy, busy.

Hope you all have a wonderful day/night and I will ‘see’ you later!