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Upcoming events ~~~

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was a great one. I got snowed in yesterday, snow and white out conditions. The wind blew so hard it flung my shovel off my porch and out into the yard! I had to unbury it this morning. Really sad when you have to unbury your snow shovel so you can shovel! 😉

I’ve been busy all day and I still need to get my taxes filed today. I wanted to stop by and let you know about some up coming events here on my blogs!

Sam and Meby JLPhillips
Sam and Me
by JLPhillips

First, I am writing another ghost story and yes it’s a true story. It’s about the ‘other’ ghost that was in my childhood home. The one that wasn’t so nice. If you read about Abe, be prepared for a whole different kind of ghost!

Also, on my food blog “Change is Good….Right?” , at the end of the month I am having an article published on The Indie Chicks website! Yeah me! I am so super excited about this. It’s about the gluten-free lifestyle. I will let you know later on that blog when the time gets nearer.

I’m also working on a new comic strip for “Sam and Me”, I know you will enjoy it, but as usual Sam is being stubborn. 🙂

Whew, I’m tired! Well actually I’m more excited than tired. Busy, busy, busy.

Hope you all have a wonderful day/night and I will ‘see’ you later!


12 thoughts on “Upcoming events ~~~

  1. I’ve had more than my share of locating a shovel after a storm in my life. I hope you stayed in and warm during the storm it would have made digging out the shovel not such a chore.


      1. Oh no, poor Sam. It was snowing here, but not too hard I was much appreciative since I had a trip out of town yesterday. Really hate a 200 mile trip in heavy snow it gives me a headache driving through it on the highway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed your weather doesn’t come our way right now they are calling for a mild warm up.


    1. I’m working on the world being mine, but it’s a hard climb. And for sure the Indie Chicks rock! Thanks Hookster!


  2. Wow, Jackie, you are tearin’ ’em up!! Love the comic. I’m so impressed with your talent. Congrats on the Indie Chicks gig,and don’t be upset if I don’t read your scary ghost story. Yikes!!

    It’s nearly 2:30, so if you have anything new on the food blog, I will look for it tomorrow. So nice to catch up with you tonight.


    1. You stay up much later then me! I”m lucky if I can stay up till 11 pm. I’m getting old girl. ha!
      As for the ghost story , yeah it’s going to be a bit scary. Sorry about that. I like Abe much better.


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