Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me ~~ March13

Hello again dear readers! It’s that time of the week again for a visit from my favorite pooch! Sam the Man!! He’s been a little stinker today, not as in phewww stink, but in “Bad boy!” stinker. Give it a look!

Thanks from Sam and Me……..


Sam and Me ©by JLPhillips
Sam and Me ©
by JLPhillips


**click on comic to enlarge**


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me ~~ March13

      1. We used to let our 80 pound hound dog sleep with us. He would sleep at the foot of the bed, but sometimes I would wake up and he’d be sharing my pillow. Our beagle, Pete, sleeps in his crate in the kitchen. These dogs are such little people!!


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