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Women (and men who love women) It is time for us to stand up for ourselves and our girls!!! If we don’t we lose more then ourselves. We lose freedom! We are the new revolution! We will NOT comply! I am usually not very outspoken in my beliefs. This time I can’t stay silent any longer. Women are losing the battle to be called individuals and just plain people who matter. We have got to stop then trend in our politics and in our thinking before women are turned into nothing but cattle that can not make a single decision on their own!

Make Me a Sammich

I sit here taking deep breaths, swallowing, my chest tight, trying to write how I feel about what I’m about to tell you, but I find I don’t have words that truly convey the horror. That and the sense of standing on the precipice of change that will either truly liberate us as a species or destroy us altogether. I will say this: I’m ready to fight–to really, truly fight–and I’m wide open to ideas.

This week* RH Reality Check released the results of a study that confirmed a terrifying trend many of us have feared for some time: that women are being arrested and imprisoned for “crimes” such as having a miscarriage, delivering a stillborn child, planning to have an abortion, or declining a test recommended by their doctor.

Yes, you heard right. From RH Reality Check:

A woman in Oregon who did not comply with a doctor’s…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

What does your day look like? Here’s your chance to share with everyone a day in your life! Here are some suggestions to get started: snap a picture once an hour and share what your day was like, walk us through a typical day for you, or even just what happened today!

This is the Weekly Photo Challenge. A day in my life. Hmm not sure how exciting this is going to be. But I am willing to give it a try. I’m not very good at taking photos and my camera is just a cheap digital so I hope you keep this in mind. I had fun though taking pictures. 🙂



Getting ready to make Easter supper with my lazy animals. Just going to be a laid back Easter Sunday for me and mine. Hope everyone who celebrates this day has a glorious one! May light and love be yours!