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How I Survived the Move…..

Hello everyone! It’s only been a few days since I went off-line, but it seems like forever! I’ve missed each and every one of you and I have a ton of reading to do! ūüôā

I’ve survived my move and it actually went relatively smooth. Only one thing got broke so I think it was a great success! I got the whole house moved in one trip. I couldn’t have been able to do it without a lot of help. Boy did I have help! We had us a nine truck and one trailer convoy from the north side of town to the West side of town. Whew, in 70 – 100 mile an hour wind! At least it was warm but we all thought we were going to be blown away.

Friday I spent all day closing on the new place and packing last-minute crap. I hate the last-minute stuff. You know the stuff you can’t do without (or at least think you can’t) till the very last hour of the big move. Saturday I was up by 6:30 am and packed and cleaned some more. Then 9 guy friends showed up with pickups and a trailer and they packed the house with its ton of boxes and off we went within 3 hours! Those guys were super awesome!

Now I have a new place full of boxes to un-pack. At least I can take some time with them. I didn’t have internet hook up till today and the poor phone guy had to work outside in blowing cold wind, sleet, hail, snow and rain. We had it all today! It even thundered and we had lightning. Miserable weather!

My cats were traumatized! They hid for almost the whole day, finally coming out at night. They seem to be doing better today. I have a lot of work to do yet, but it will get done. I just couldn’t stay away any longer from my blogs or my online friends!

Sam seems content laying in his bed under my computer table, so even though the weather is making me crazy, we are snug in our new home.

Maybe I should write a short story about it all, with a few embellishments added to make it more exciting. Ha! ūüėČ



Now I better start getting caught up on all the awesome posts I’ve missed……….. than get some much needed sleep………



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I’m Still Alive ~ With Some Good News!

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s me and I’m still alive! (Barely)

I may be still alive but I’m tired beyond belief. This moving business is hard work. After this weekend, though it should pretty much be over with as Saturday is the target day for the big move! Yea!

I close the deal on the new place Friday afternoon and move Saturday. So these last few days are going to be super busy! I will be so damn glad when it’s over!

But enough of my whining, and yes I’ll have cheese with that! haha!

I do have some good news!! 

Ether Books ( are publishing another one of my stories!!! It’s a two parter called “House of Mystery”.¬†¬†Part one will be out for your reading pleasure within the next week or so and it’s a paid download! More good news for me! I am so super excited. I’m working on part two and hopefully will have it finished soon.¬†

Some of you may remember a short story I wrote last year called House of Mystery. Yes, it’s the same story with extra added in and a lot of editing done. I worked hard on it and am very proud of the story. So please all my dear readers download the app for Ether books here¬†¬† ¬†And look for my story under the pen name JLPhillips.¬†

For those of you new to Ether books, you can read about them at My story will only cost you .69 cents! An inexpensive great read!

This is the blurb for “House of Mystery”, just to get you ready for a good mystery story.

Four people work to solve the mystery of a 100-year-old house. Two people have already vanished without a trace. What does it take to not only solve the mystery, but to SURVIVE the mystery?

I really do appreciate any support on my writing! You readers are awesome!




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Friday Fictioneers ~~ April 19

Even though it’s Thursday I would like to say….. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! Yes, another week has come and gone and I’ve been so busy and so frustrated I will be glad to see this week done with. Unfortunately next week looks pretty much the same for me. Ah well, this too shall pass.

I’m just glad to bring you another flash fiction story for your reading pleasure!



Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

If you would like to join us, please go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields blog and read about the few rules to follow. If you want to just read what the other great writers have written about this picture then you too must go to Rochelle’s page and scroll down till you come to the cute little blue guy and click on him. He will take you to some wonderful stories!

Copyright-Janet Webb
Copyright-Janet Webb



Genre/General Fiction (100 words)

Sue sat on a log close to the shore line. Reaching down to pick up a few stones to cast into the water, she spotted the wasp nest. Her hand hesitated , then picked it up gently. She gazed with tears shimmering.

The nest reminded her of  life, fragile looking, yet strong beyond belief. She had dealt with many things. Cried, laughed, touched, felt many emotions. She had both mourned and celebrated occasions in the past.

As she would deal with another, alone yet strong like the nest she held in her palm. A lone tear fell.

She was determined.

Cancer would not win!

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Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

This is the Daily Prompt for today. I just had to answer that question.

I know what I write does not much matter in the whole scheme of the world. Given what has been happening out there my words may not matter to most, but they keep me sane in an insane world.

I write short stories, flash fiction and bits and pieces from my life. Is my life that important? Maybe not to most, but to me it’s all I have right now and that might be gone in an instant. So I write, write and write. ¬†I put out my feelings, my ideas, my imagination, in the hopes that whoever reads it will in some way feel better, if only for the spare few minutes that it takes to read my few lines.

Admittedly I am a writer who is still learning her craft. Every day to me is a learning day. I might learn how to observe life and people more. I might learn how to use a bit of grammar in a better way. I might learn how nature has beauty in everything if we only observe it. I might learn more about a friend and what they need from me or me from them. I might learn how to grow as a person, writer, woman, friend or lover.

I also learn things that I wish I didn’t have to learn. How to be vigilant¬†in my surroundings so I too don’t become a victim. How to be constantly on the alert when I am alone and vulnerable. I learn how my heart can break in so many different ways and forms by just continuing to live and see what goes on in the world. I learn how to be sad for the victims of senseless crimes and hate.

This is the reason I blog. To reach out to people I don’t know and somehow give them a piece of me that says…… I care.



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Who Ordered the Snow?? I Need to Talk to You!

Hello everyone! Me here to complain about the snow! Yes, snow in the middle of April!! I don’t need this crap!

What the heck is this white stuff doing here??
What the heck is this white stuff doing here??


I have two weeks to finish packing up the house and to move. This is not helping me at all!


Almost a foot of snow!
Almost a foot of snow!


I‘m done bitching now, I think. Mother Nature needs to chill, and I don’t mean in snow!


My patio today!
My patio today!


Guess I’ll get back to work. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. If it’s warm where you are want to send some my way??? ūüôā



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Friday Fictioneers ~~ April 12

I haven’t been around much lately, but I’m here today because I can’t miss my favorite Friday Fictioneers! Come join us or just read some outstanding writing by the various writers who all write a 100 word story about the same picture. Enjoy!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the lady in charge, visit her blog and read the few rules we go by when writing these stories. Or scroll down and click on the little blue guy to read what the other writers have done!


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

Copyright - Sandra Crook
Copyright – Sandra Crook

Genre/Steampunk (100 words)

Gloved hands on hips, she stood over her latest creation. Walking around it her leather apron scarred, aged, supple, hit her stripped panted shins softly.

She nodded her head in approval. Taking off the pink welder’s helmet she tossed it aside. ¬†This was going to be her best invention yet. Looking like a mess of bolts, nuts, gears, beauty in rusted splendor.

Sitting in the ancient tractor seat she pushed the ¬†button to turn on “Prof. Sophronia¬†K.¬†Rowbotham’s Flying Machine”. ¬†Rumbling came from the engine under the seat, rising slowly the machine gave a whisper of noise as it suddenly shot forward!

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Daily Prompt: Do-over!

Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with ‚ÄĒ now, fix it.¬†

The following was one of my first blog posts. I liked it, but I thought it could be done a bit better. So here it is again, redone for your reading pleasure! Some may remember it and for the newer followers it will be brand new. Hope you all enjoy! This was redone for the Daily Prompt: Do-Over!

(Also, I’m still packing up my house to move in less¬†than¬†3 weeks! Yikes! Time goes by like lightening! So this is a good excuse to post something without taxing my tired brain ūüėČ )


Listening to the Rain


It was raining when I got up this morning. Outside was dark with clouds rolling in, filled with distant thunder, heard faintly. I fixed my first cup of coffee and settled in my favorite chair in front of the patio doors. The big old apple tree was drinking up the ¬†rain drops thirstily. The leaves fluttering slightly in the breeze. ¬†Red and green apples were washed of ¬†yesterday’s dust in the dim morning light.

I sat back and took a sip of hot fragrant coffee. Sam, my little Shih Tzu buddy laying at my feet. The cats hiding under the couch because of the rumbling in the  distance. They have always hated the thunder. The morning quiet, except for the plop plop of fat raindrops landing on  the patio doors. It was peaceful.

Then the hail came, small pea sized pellets bouncing off the wood planks on the patio floor. Not a lot, but enough to make me worry about  my cucumber patch in the garden. I gave a  little sigh, disliking the tiny disturbance in my perfect morning. I took another sip of coffee, settled more firmly in my chair and  let the small worry pass.

Lost in thought I watched a small raindrop travel down the glass pane of the door. Slowly it zigzagged its way to the bottom.  My thoughts jumped here and there and never settled on one thing.  I had a lot to do, but was enjoying the rain  and the peace too much to move. I was re-charging. Letting the silence settle into my soul.  It felt good, sitting there,  listening to  the rain.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I’ve decided to take a short break from packing up my house to move so I could post something this week. I miss my writing every day! Ugh, I hate packing! Anyway, I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress this week and thought, what a fun idea! Being an artist I love color, any color, but purple has got to be my hands down favorite. It can be calming, royal, vibrant, or anything in between.

I haven’t had time to go out and take photos myself, but these that I found on the internet are beautiful! Hope you enjoy some of my favorite things…….. in purple!



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Friday Fictioneers ~~ April 5

This is going to be a super busy month for me, with packing up a house full of stuff, moving, writing, and trying to work on 2 paying jobs (in writing of course)! I don’t know if I’m coming or going but it certainly isn’t boring! Even with all this craziness I can’t miss a Friday Fictioneer! I just love doing them as they are indeed addictive.

Please join us, just click on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields name and read the few rules. We would love to have you. If you don’t want to participate and just want to read a bunch of great flash fiction then once you are on Rochelle’s page scroll down and click on the little blue guy. Either way, thanks for coming and reading!


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

From Scott Vanatter with permission-Copyright- Indira
From Scott Vanatter with permission-Copyright- Indira

Genre/fiction (100 words)

They circled the tree, gazing with awe.  Elves, fairies, pixies, trolls, a pair of unicorns. Even the dragons were represented, deep purple, scales shimmering in the fading light, golden eyes transfixed, still and beautiful the dragon laid before the tree.

The tree itself, tall, gnarly, old as time itself. Tree of all living things beautiful in its ugliness. Each knot representing a traumatic event in the world. Too many of them they all thought. Saddened they watched as another node formed. The world had forgotten its wonders and the wonders wept as the tree groaned with fresh pain.

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Wednesday Comics ~~ Sam and Me ~~ April 3

I’m in the middle of packing up my house so I can move at the end of this month. So Sam and the stinkin’¬†cats (Sam’s description not mine) ¬†are fighting over the boxes. I’ve never had a dog that loved playing in boxes like Sam does. Of course cats being cats, they love the boxes too. Sometimes they want the same box at the same time, which doesn’t always work out well. So far it’s pretty even who wins out. Sam may be little but he doesn’t take no cat bullying. He’s a quick little guy. Ha! I make sure that no one gets hurt seriously. So far so good.

Here is my weekly comic depicting the box war. It’s more like the cats are trying to figure out how to get one over on Sam. This should be an interesting month!


Sam and Me (c)
Sam and Me (c)


**Please click on image to make it larger**