Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

This is the Daily Prompt for today. I just had to answer that question.

I know what I write does not much matter in the whole scheme of the world. Given what has been happening out there my words may not matter to most, but they keep me sane in an insane world.

I write short stories, flash fiction and bits and pieces from my life. Is my life that important? Maybe not to most, but to me it’s all I have right now and that might be gone in an instant. So I write, write and write.  I put out my feelings, my ideas, my imagination, in the hopes that whoever reads it will in some way feel better, if only for the spare few minutes that it takes to read my few lines.

Admittedly I am a writer who is still learning her craft. Every day to me is a learning day. I might learn how to observe life and people more. I might learn how to use a bit of grammar in a better way. I might learn how nature has beauty in everything if we only observe it. I might learn more about a friend and what they need from me or me from them. I might learn how to grow as a person, writer, woman, friend or lover.

I also learn things that I wish I didn’t have to learn. How to be vigilant in my surroundings so I too don’t become a victim. How to be constantly on the alert when I am alone and vulnerable. I learn how my heart can break in so many different ways and forms by just continuing to live and see what goes on in the world. I learn how to be sad for the victims of senseless crimes and hate.

This is the reason I blog. To reach out to people I don’t know and somehow give them a piece of me that says…… I care.




10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

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