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Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

by michelle w. on May 28, 2013

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Photographers, show us  YOU. 

So for today I decided to write from the Daily Prompt.


My first name is Jackie, my middle name is Lynn. I had to include my middle name for the story to make any sense.

When I was born my mother was into French names. She liked how they sounded. My older sister’s name is Nadine Jill. See, she liked French sounding names. From what mom says she wanted to name me Jaqueline, but then thought the name would be too hard for a kindergarten kid to spell. So she shortened it and added the middle name so it would still sound like Jaqueline.

Jackie Lynn…… Yeah it sounds like Jaqueline, just shortened.

You did notice my sister’s name though? The middle name? Jill. Right! Jack and Jill come to mind? It should, we were kidded and joked about it enough when we were growing up. My sister has always gone by her middle name Jill. Jack and Jill went down the hill, blah blah blah. ;-(

Jack & Jill  726

I used to get so angry about those jokes. Well for one thing, do I look like a Jack?? Jack is male, I am female! Believe me even young I looked female as I was an early developer. It got so bad I tried to make everyone call me Lynn, my middle name. My thought was if sis can go by her middle name why can’t I?  I was about 10 or so when I tried that. I wouldn’t answer to ‘Jackie’ anymore. Only Lynn. Yeah well, my mom stopped that one. Believe me, when mom says no to something it means “No way in hell are we doing that!”.  Mom’s word was law! (Still is even though she is 83)


As I grew older though I came to like my name. Not too many girls are named “Jackie”, quite a few are Jaqueline. I can handle that. What kind of throws me off is that I have met a few men who were named Jackie.  I don’t think I would name a guy Jackie. I mean, nothing against any man who has the name! The few I met were very nice guys! Just to me it’s more of a girl’s name. Maybe because it’s mine.

So there is the story behind my name. French, kinda. From Native American (mom) and German (dad)  parents. French. Ah, C’est la vie.


20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

  1. Jackie, what a great story to have about your name. Mine isn’t so great. My name is Lois Jean, I was named for my mothers sister who was stillborn when my mother was 7, unfortunately to make it worse I was born exactly 12 years later on the same day, same hour only 3 minutes later. But it doesn’t end there, my namesake had been named for a friend of my grandmother who was a Catholic nun! I always wanted to change my name so I didn’t carry the baggage that came with it.


    1. I can for sure see why you thought about changing your name. I think I would have done it. Talk about baggage! Whew. sorry about all that.
      I didn’t think my name was so great (or the story that came with it) when I was young. Now I laugh.


      1. Now that my mother and grandparents are no longer living its easier to accept my name. The biggest joke of all us that the name originated with a nun, for people that know me well know that is the opposite of who I’ve been.


  2. That’s a nice play on the name. Pretty clever of your mum to separate it into Jackie and Lynn. And I would never think to name a man Jackie either; it’s too feminine!


  3. Loved the story of your name. I got lucky and was named for my dads first sister. My poor sister got her name from the girl that shared mom’s hospital room. I guarentee it didn’t suit her but she changed it legally in her late 20’s. Names should be given after we get acquainted with the child. 🙂


    1. I always thought so too. I do that with my pets. I don’t name them till I see what kind of personality they have. Should be the same with kids. 😉


  4. Oui! Oui! I like the French side of your name. My husband likes the Native American. You are good in our book! Jackie Lynn is a pretty name. Did you ever go by both at the same time?


    1. Aww thanks Maddie and Rich! I never did go by both names. I wanted either one or the other. Maybe I should have tried that. 😉


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