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Friday Fictioneers ~~ May 31


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

Hello everyone. Here it is, another Friday, another Friday Fictioneers. This is where a bunch of great writers get together and write a story based on one picture. It is hosted by the great Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, please click on her name to read the few rules we have, or scroll down and click on the little blue guy to read other interpretations of the photo. It never ceases to surprise me at the many different stories that come out of this event. They will make you laugh, smile, frown, scratch your head, feel emotions, and say ‘damn!’

We have some truly talented people, so come join the fun!

This weeks picture:

Copyright – Janet Webb
Copyright – Janet Webb


Genre/General Fiction (99 words)


He stood across the street,  5th day in a row. Today it’s pink chiffon, yesterday it was blue satin, day before emerald-green lace.

With hope in  heart, he waited to catch a glimpse of the woman who wore such beautiful concoctions of cloth.

His mind played scenarios of love with the shadowy figure of the woman draped in such beauty.

Heart thumped hard when he spied the window opening. Long bare leg gracefully stepped through, then the other.

He held his breath, as slender body turned, graceful hand reached towards the dress.

Surprise made his eyes wide, his mystery love needed a shave.



46 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~~ May 31

    1. well it wasn’t the legs. since those are bare. Sooooo, hmmm, I guess it could be a different place. ahahah! I never though about ‘one’ place, but now I did. naughty you! 😉


    1. thank you El. I don’t read any stories before I write mine, but maybe I should? Nah. 😉


      1. I couldn’t bear to see them first – then I’d never know if my idea was original or not. We’ll just have to risk coinciding. Denmother did a similar theme this week – all three of our stories are very different though, so even when we write about the same thing, we are unique (and wonderful) people! Yay for creativity 😀


        1. I read denmothers, hers is very good too, but darker I think. It still amazes me how many different stories happen out of one picture. As you say Yay for creativity. 😉


    1. and you would have been right! My mind didn’t go to naughty till it was pointed out. ha! I half thought about changing some wording but then thought nah, lets see what people think. 😉


  1. I LOVE that last line! The build up, the anticipation – then … that killer last line!


  2. i love the surprise ending! probably the stalker fan, i am guessing, would never notice the difference had he bumped into this lovely androgynous being. ha ha.


        1. I know, but I had to tease. Sorry. It does make one a bit upset doesn’t it? I’m glad my story made an impact. 🙂


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