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Friday Fictioneers ~ July 5, 2013

Hello again readers! I know its not Friday yet, it’s July 4th and I would like to wish all Americans Happy Independence Day! Now all we got to do IS get independent. We used to be, unfortunately it’s slowly being taken away. Now that’s all I’ll say about it. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe everyone! Also, anyone with animals, please keep them inside on this night so they won’t get scared and run off. Most animals don’t like the fireworks so please keep them safe also!

This week’s picture was a hard one for me. Not sure if I did good or not. You be the judge. Maybe my mind went mushy in this humidity and heat we got after the record floods here in Alberta! It’s been a crazy time!

As always it’s hosted by our beloved Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, please click on her name to see the simple rules we try to follow when doing this. Also you can click on her name and then scroll down till you meet the little blue critter. Click on him and he’ll take you on a magic carpet ride to other stories from great writers.


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

Copyright - David Stewart
Copyright – David Stewart

Genre/General fiction (100 words)

For the thousandth time, Rachel began muttering. For the thousandth time, Miles tried to tune her out.

Come look at the stars, he says. 

It’ll be fun, he says.

Leave the phones in the car so there are no distractions, he says.

Rachel please! You know it was an accident!

The firefighters finally came to rescue them. They smiled to themselves when they heard Rachel.

Come look at the stars, he says.

After they all climbed down the ladder, one firefighter glanced at Miles as Rachel stormed off.




Sighing, Miles shook his head no.

“Not after I accidentally kicked the ladder down last night.”


An Open Letter To Ellen DeGeneres

Ok people we got a job to do. Let’s see if we can help Hookster’s daughter Sarah! A budding writer herself. Worth a read and a pass-a-long!

You've Been Hooked!

Dearest Ellen,

Hello. How are you? That’s great to hear, seriously. Listen, I know you’ve got a full plate in front of you right now (Okay, maybe not literally; you don’t look like you eat that much, to be honest. However, I stand by the statement.), especially considering how many challenges you have to deal with right now.

  • Voicing animated fish is no mean feat. (How do they record your voice underwater anyway?)
  • Arranging for Sofía Vergara to be “accidentally” deported so you can be the reigning CoverGirl has to be a lot of work.
  • Teaching millions of people to dance like no one is watching while hosting a kick-butt talk show must be exhausting. And sweaty, no doubt.

Normally I use this forum to write about my life as a bellman in Niagara Falls, but today I want to write to you from my heart.

I’ve been married to…

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