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Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

by michelle w. on July 22, 2013

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.


I don’t check my stats very often. Maybe once or twice a week if that. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. They just don’t play a big role in what I write on here.

So I thought I would do today’s Daily Prompt and see what I could find out. Here’s how it stacks up.

The most popular or the sites with the most views looks like this:

Title Views
Home page / Archives 2,460
Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After 283
I Am Who I Am 247
Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Silhouette ~ 162
Daily Prompt: Comedy of Errors 115

What do they have in common? Me, I suppose. They are the posts that have something personal in it. Either a picture or a story.

At least that is what I get from it. I mean ‘Home page/Archives’ could be any of them. I’m hoping a lot of them are for my short stories, but I’m thinking it’s more for my Friday Fictioneers. Either way is ok, as it all is my writing.

Now with the photo challenge, ‘silhouette’, I can understand why that was popular. I got lucky out my patio door to capture Mother Nature at her best. The shot turned out stunningly beautiful. It had nothing to do with my so-called talent at the camera, it was all Mom Nature.

(C) JLPhillips 2012
(C) JLPhillips 2012

The last one still makes me laugh. It’s my most popular post on my food blog too. Here it’s called “Comedy of Errors”, on my food blog it’s called “How I got run out of the grocery story by a little old lady”. Long title but so funny. I can understand why this is so popular.

So that’s my list. What was your favorite post?

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

  1. You have so many good posts that it’s difficult to select a favorite – I have liked all the short stories, I love to read the Friday mini fiction, but I have to say I also remember the old lady in the grocery store 🙂 Latest today, when did my weekly shopping, I thought about her in the store, no kidding!


    1. ha! She is a remarkable woman. Means well in an old lady way. 😉 I always appreciate you reading my stuff tiny. I can always count on you. Thank you my friend.


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