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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

by michelle w. on July 5, 2013

Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “


When I look in the mirror, I see a woman who has seen too much of  life in many respects. I see someone who is tired and stressed out, but who keeps going no matter what.

I see a woman who has shadows in her eyes. A sadness that won’t go away.


When I look in the mirror, I see someone who tries to always see the good side of things, because she doesn’t like negativity. I see a woman who has earned every single silver hair honestly. A woman who worries about others, who cares, but is sometimes afraid to show it.

I see someone who isn’t afraid of life’s challenges, who meets them head on, because she knows that if she doesn’t that’s when they grow bigger than they really are.

When I look in the mirror, I still see the child I used to be. I see the child I wish I had been. I see a child who had been hurt too much and grew up too fast.

I see a woman who still has hold of her dreams and will never let go of them. To let go of dreams is to die inside.

When I look in the mirror, I see past lives and past loves and relish each memory, for each one helped shape me into the woman who stands in front of that mirror today.

I see a woman who has been through hell and came out the other side a different person. A person who kept her dignity intact and her values strong. A woman who no matter how hurt she was refused to stay in that black hole just because someone wanted to step on her to keep her there.

When I look in the mirror, I see a woman whose  family refuses to see, or can’t see. I see a woman who has a few regrets and learns from them. I see a woman who has grown in so many ways through the years that sometimes it surprises even herself.

I see a woman who has decided ‘things’ are not as important as she once thought because she had those things taken away too many times and still lived to become happy.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see an older woman, but a young girl, who believes in all those wonderful things that she has been told is not real. Like unicorns, fairies, magic and all those things you can’t touch, but can feel in your soul.

I see wonders where some don’t or can’t see. And I smile to myself as my heart sings with being alive.

When I look in the mirror, I see a woman who still has a lot of life to live and is looking forward to it all, even the hard parts.



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Friday Fictioneers ~ July 5, 2013

Hello again readers! I know its not Friday yet, it’s July 4th and I would like to wish all Americans Happy Independence Day! Now all we got to do IS get independent. We used to be, unfortunately it’s slowly being taken away. Now that’s all I’ll say about it. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe everyone! Also, anyone with animals, please keep them inside on this night so they won’t get scared and run off. Most animals don’t like the fireworks so please keep them safe also!

This week’s picture was a hard one for me. Not sure if I did good or not. You be the judge. Maybe my mind went mushy in this humidity and heat we got after the record floods here in Alberta! It’s been a crazy time!

As always it’s hosted by our beloved Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, please click on her name to see the simple rules we try to follow when doing this. Also you can click on her name and then scroll down till you meet the little blue critter. Click on him and he’ll take you on a magic carpet ride to other stories from great writers.


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

Copyright - David Stewart
Copyright – David Stewart

Genre/General fiction (100 words)

For the thousandth time, Rachel began muttering. For the thousandth time, Miles tried to tune her out.

Come look at the stars, he says. 

It’ll be fun, he says.

Leave the phones in the car so there are no distractions, he says.

Rachel please! You know it was an accident!

The firefighters finally came to rescue them. They smiled to themselves when they heard Rachel.

Come look at the stars, he says.

After they all climbed down the ladder, one firefighter glanced at Miles as Rachel stormed off.




Sighing, Miles shook his head no.

“Not after I accidentally kicked the ladder down last night.”

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An Open Letter To Ellen DeGeneres

Ok people we got a job to do. Let’s see if we can help Hookster’s daughter Sarah! A budding writer herself. Worth a read and a pass-a-long!

You've Been Hooked!

Dearest Ellen,

Hello. How are you? That’s great to hear, seriously. Listen, I know you’ve got a full plate in front of you right now (Okay, maybe not literally; you don’t look like you eat that much, to be honest. However, I stand by the statement.), especially considering how many challenges you have to deal with right now.

  • Voicing animated fish is no mean feat. (How do they record your voice underwater anyway?)
  • Arranging for Sofía Vergara to be “accidentally” deported so you can be the reigning CoverGirl has to be a lot of work.
  • Teaching millions of people to dance like no one is watching while hosting a kick-butt talk show must be exhausting. And sweaty, no doubt.

Normally I use this forum to write about my life as a bellman in Niagara Falls, but today I want to write to you from my heart.

I’ve been married to…

View original post 862 more words

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Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled

by michelle w. on July 2, 2013

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.


Where do I begin?? I have made many big decisions in the past that have impacted my life. But if I had to pinpoint one of the biggest, I would have to say that marrying my ex, and then divorcing him would be one of the biggest.

Couldn't find the original source.
Couldn’t find the original source.

I did lump the two as one, did you notice that? Yeah, in my mind the two decisions are like one huge decision on my part! The first was the bad part of the decision, the second was the best.

If I would have stayed married to him? That would have been the alternate life I would have had. I’m not sure it would have lasted, as I would probably be dead or crazy by now. So it would have been a short-lived alternate. Seriously.

My ex is the typical narc (narcissist). A Texas charmer who could literally talk you out of your panties. Then he would say things that would bring you lower than slug slime. Through it all you would think it truly is your fault that nothing turned out right for him. Yeah, such a sweetheart he was.

But there was another life altering decision I made (well really there are others but this one stands out). That was to move to Canada. I moved for a couple of reasons. One, to finally and truly get away from my stalking ex. Now my family may have other thoughts on that one, but since they barely know me, what they think doesn’t really count. They don’t know he showed up in Wisconsin after I left Texas. They don’t know I saw him several times in one week following me. It’s a small town that I was living in, so he stood out in a way. Also, I’ve looked over my shoulder so many years for him that it came to be second nature.

The second reason I moved to Canada was a kind of fluke really. I went to visit someone I had been talking to for months. I stayed because I really liked who I was seeing, and I was told by my family not to come back. Ah family. To know them is to….. Love them? Don’t know about that one.  But that’s for another post.

I’ve been in Canada for over 10 years now. This is my adopted country. It really isn’t that much different then the states. At least in Alberta where I am. It actually reminds me a lot of Texas. There are cows. Lots of them. Think of Calgary Stampede and the Ft. Worth stockyards. There are of course the cowboys, they go with the cows. Then there is the land. Lots of openness, farms or ranches, lots of country.

Calgary reminds me of Ft. Worth/Dallas area. Big city with small country feel. It’s a friendly city but it also has its big city problems. They even have drive by shootings. Yeah, the not so nice part of big city living. Gangs, crime, what have you. Hey got to stay honest. Canada might not have the mind-set of a lot of Americans about guns, but they have their gun problems. Criminals will get their guns and crap no matter what.

Anyway, that was probably the most recent life changing decision I’ve made. Not the last I’m sure. If I wouldn’t have made that decision, what would have been the alternate? I’m not really sure. I believe I would be living alone, which is not always a bad thing. I might actually enjoy that as I did in the past. I doubt I would be writing like I do now. My family and I would probably not be talking. Hey wait! We don’t now. So scratch that last part. I would be working someplace mind numbing I’m sure. I certainly would NOT have ‘met’ all you wonderful people here on WordPress. Now that is a sad thought.


So all in all I think I made some pretty good decisions, even if some were forced on me. All I can say is I’ve done the best I can with what I had to work with. I’m content for the most part. I made mistakes in the past, but that’s what makes a ‘past’. Who hasn’t made mistakes? Mistakes and decisions are what made me into who I am today. A writer with dreams.

That ain’t all bad.