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Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.


“Oh oh, here she comes again.”

I sit in my chair and push the on button. Sitting back with my first cup of coffee, I stretch and yawn. Another day has started.

“Oh man, it seems like she just shut me down for the night!”

Thinking of all the things I need to do today, I sip my coffee and wait for the computer to boot up.

” I sure wish she would sleep late for one day. I am so tired.” Groooannnn…….. “I’m taking my time this morning.”

Impatiently I tap my slippered foot. Sure seems like my computer is going much slower than usual today. Maybe I need to clean it out and defrag it.

“Guess I put it off for as long as possible. If I delay much longer she might want to defrag me. I hate that!”

Finally it’s up and going! So I log in to WordPress to see what’s going on, check on my blogs, answer anyone who made comments. I smile as I see some online buddies have said something to me. I love comments!

“Ouch! Ugh! Owww! Does she have to hit my keys so enthusiasticly? That stings! I”m not made out of steel for Pete’s sake!”

Then I go to my emails. I have so many! Wow! I really need to take the time to get rid of some.

“I sure wish she would empty me out some. I’m getting so full from all this information! I don’t need all this on my hard drive. You would think she knew better after all these years.”

After answering a few of the more urgent emails I decide to do a little web surfing. Never know what I might find to get the old creative juices flowing.

“Don’t tell me we are going surfing again! I get so sick from that! Motion sickness they called it at WebMD. I call it foolishness!”

I better stop for now. It’s time to get dressed and face another day. Maybe I’ll check out some funny pictures after I’m dressed. They are always good for a few laughs!

“Good, she’s leaving. Probably just getting dressed, but at least I can take a break. She is always pounding on my keys or surfing the web, or doing something on me! I get so very tired but she is like a nightmare come to life. She never stops! I just hope when she gets back, she doesn’t go looking at funny cat pictures again. I’m allergic to cats!”

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Copyright © toons4biz


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