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Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue

Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on September 16, 2013

We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges are here to help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles.



“Is it dead?”

“Yup, pretty sure it is.” Rob stated as he poked the lump in the road with his stick.

“Do you think it was hit by a car?” asked Rob’s little sister Emma.

Rob was still poking it with his stick as he squatted down for a closer look.

“Don’t be silly Em, cars don’t usually come down this old back road. Least not since they built that highway further north.”

“Well then why is it dead? Answer me that smarty pants!”

Emma stood next to her brother, small hands on small hips. A pout forming on her young lips. She was a younger,  feminine version of the young boy with serious brown eyes who was studying the form lying motionless on the cracked worn road.

Standing straight Rob ignored Emma’s pout. He was used to his little sister’s ways and knew if you ignored her pout, she put it away.

Emma was a kind-hearted girl Rob knew, just young and a bit flighty. At the ripe old age of twelve Rob felt protective of his sister and was ever patient with her. Home was about half a mile down a dirt road, vaguely seen through the tall weeds off to the right. It was Saturday, so no school today. Rob and Emma’s parents were screaming at each other, again. So Rob took his sister for a walk to dry her tears and take her away from the yelling adults.

Home was not always pleasant and sometimes cruel, but it was the only home they knew. Rob hated when his parents fought, hated it worse when his Dad used his fists. Which he did too often. That’s when he would take Emma for a long walk. He would show her all the secrets of the woods and fields around the house. They usually walked till they couldn’t hear the screamin’ any more. Sometimes, like today, they had to walk all the way to the main road.

“Don’t rightly know why it’s dead Em. Maybe it was sick.”

Rob looked down at his 10-year-old sister and watched as her eyes filled with tears. His Em hated it when they found dead animals. Especially young ones like the small fawn. Didn’t have any blood around it, so Rob wasn’t sure what happened. He didn’t like finding small animals like this either. The young boy wanted to be a Vet when he grew up. He loved animals of all kinds and was always helping ones he found in the woods.

“Can you help it Rob? Can you make it better?” Emma asked with big brother worship. In her mind Rob was her hero and could do anything!

“I’m thinkin‘ it’s past help Em.”

“You gotta try! Please?!”

Frowning down at his sister, Rob sighed. One day he knew Em was going to drive the young men wild. He was going to make sure he was around then. He would make sure no one took advantage of her big heart. In the meantime, like those distant men in the future, he couldn’t deny his sister.

Kneeling on the rough road, Rob laid down his stick and rubbed his hands over the fawn. He noticed the body was warm yet. Surprised he slowed his hands and held his breath. Yes! He felt a faint heartbeat under his palm. The fawn was alive!

“It’s alive Em!”

“Really? Oh Rob! You did help it!” Emma cried as she jumped up and down next to her hero.

“Hush Em!”

Rob felt for any injuries and was surprised again when he didn’t find any.  If he didn’t know better he would think the fawn was just sleeping.

“Rob! Look! ” Emma whispered loudly.

Rob looked up and spotted a full-grown female deer in a small clearing. She was watching them intently, her ears forward and twitching.

“Is that the Mama deer?” Em asked her brother.

“It just might be Em.”

After watching the deer for a minute Rob looked down at the fawn. Gently he scooped it up in his young arms and stood.

“Stay here Em.” Rob told his sister as he slowly started to walk toward the deer with his young bundle in his arms.

The female doe blew nervously out her nose, but stood her ground. Rob got within a few feet of her and gently laid the fawn down on some soft grass. He slowly turned around and walked back to where Em was waiting for him.

Emma’s eyes were huge and her small hand was covering her mouth. When Rob reached her side he turned to look back at the doe. His smile grew as he watched the doe nudge and lick the fawn. Then the fawn stood up on long thin legs and leaned against his Mama.

“Oh Rob!” Emma softly said through her hand.

Rob and Emma watched as the fawn started to feed from its mother. Rob put his arm around his young sister and whispered.

“See Em, sometimes miracles do happen. Ain’t I always telling you that?”

He felt her small hand clasp his own and heard her whisper back.

“Yup, I believe you. Like when you are always telling me one day we can leave the yelling and fists behind.”

“One day we will Em and we’ll never look back.”


17 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue

  1. Oh my Goodness, I don’t know what to say. That was the best story I’ve read in a while. Take it and run with it. It moved me so much I realized I forgot to breathe. You are a wonderful writer.


  2. Fantastic. The beginning reminded me of a part of the movie in Harry and the Hendersons (one of my faves) where after hitting big foot with the car the dad goes to check and the wife is sitting inside, rolls down the window just to ask if he’s sure and rolls it back up, only to roll it back down to ask if he’s sure it’s dead, and immediately rolls it back up.


      1. You have to see the movie it’s hilarious. The father decided to bring home the “dead” bigfoot, Only to find him alive and in his kitchen eating from the fridge. They don’t know what to do so they keep him. I’m sure your imagination can figure out what a bigfoot living in your home woud be like. 🙂


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