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Another Writing Prompt Picture Vote!

I so enjoyed the last time I posted pictures for a writing prompt that I am doing it again my friends! I hope you all will participate and join in the fun!

Below I will list 5 photos  and at the end you can vote for the one you want me to write a short story on. Fun times!

Come one, come all to vote for which photo you want to see a story written by yours truly!

On Monday the 23rd I will see which picture got the most votes and on Tuesday the 24th I will post the winning picture with my short story!

Ready? Set! Go!!!


Courtesy of
Courtesy of





And because it’s getting close to Halloween.

source unknown
Source unknown

Please vote!!!





15 thoughts on “Another Writing Prompt Picture Vote!

  1. I’m fascinated by the results of the poll as much as the choice of photos. They could all be interesting stories. It will be fun to see what you do with them. Or you could do one a week!:) You tell such great stories.


    1. Aww thanks for the vote of confidence. They are all pretty interesting photos for sure. Doing one a week might not be a bad idea!


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